Zimmerman Verdict a Conversation among Christians

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By Floyd Miller | August 1, 2013

I was not going to write anything about the Zimmerman verdict, but I felt compelled to do so after reading a particular post on my Facebook page. I have believed for sometime that the best answer to our problems in this country is Christ. Who better to get that message out than Christians? As I read and responded to this particular post, I begin to see how difficult it is sometimes for Christians to see things from the same perspective. I still believe that Christ and his teaching hold the answer. This article is not designed to prove innocence or guilt but to get everyone who professes Christianity to take a critical look at what they believe and why. {{more}}I thought that we should examine this information because of the position that 2 preachers and their wives took. I believe that preachers are still regarded with high esteem and have lots of influence in this country. If we as Christians are bound together by the blood of Christ, what is it that’s causing a minister to say Praise God when he hears the Zimmerman verdict and another to take him on because of his remarks? If you notice I did not mention politics as the solution. I think politics is the problem. I think politics may have hijacked Christianity or is getting close to doing it. I don’t care which party you are affiliated with but if you don’t believe your party is stinking up things, then you have probably been drinking too much of the tea or the kool aid. I will identify the individuals that wrote a post or responded by liking it. Christian Female: Zimmerman found not guilty!Preacher’s Wife #1: I screamed so loud I scared the cats! ^.^!Preacher #1: PRAISE GOD!!! Floyd Miller Preacher #1, I think we should always Praise God, however if you are praising God for the verdict in the Zimmerman Case I think you are misguided. I don’t believe God had anything to do with that verdict. I am sure that he was aware of it. God does not approve of evil but he does let it happen. I know that from a legal standpoint the jury said that Zimmerman acted in self defense at the moment that he fired the shot. That maybe true I feel certain that God and Zimmerman both know for sure what happen. I think that Zimmerman’s action before the shooting was unfair. He saw a “teenager” that looked suspicious to him, he called 911, he was told not to pursue the individual, and he actually had agreed to wait for the police at a certain point. The 911 call that Zimmerman made does not flatter him at all he said some pretty disturbing things. I ask a simple question, if you or one of you family members were walking and you looked suspicious to someone would you want them to pursue you because you did not look right to them. Would you want them to continue to pursue you after they were told by the dispatcher not to? And if you were that individual that was being pursued do you think the one that was pursuing you might also look suspicious. I don’t know how the fight started or who started it but at best this was a fight or flight situation. I hope and Pray that you or your family never have to face this type of situation and have to make a decision as to your course of action. Before you say it can’t happen to an innocent person remember it happen to Trayvon Martin. Yes let’s Praise God for his mercy and Pray that something good will come out of this tragedy. July 13 at 11:17pm • LikePreacher’s Wife #1: Something good did come out of it. An innocent man in now free. True, things could have been handled differently, but calling in to the non-emergency police # to report suspicious behavior is what I’d want a neighbor to do. There was no proof presented during the trial that Mr. Zimmerman chased down Mr. Martin. His muttered comments, though unnecessary, seemed to be from frustration, not hatred for an individual. Compare to Mr. Martin’s “creepy ass cracker” comment. Again, unnecessary. When dispatch told Mr. Zimmerman he didn’t need to follow, he said “OK”. The most telling thing to me was Mr. Zimmerman’s complete cooperation with the police that night and the following days in re-enacting the incident….WITHOUT a lawyer. What guilty person would do that? I feel for the loss the Martin family has endured, but falsely punishing Mr. Zimmerman won’t change that. July 13 at 11:33pm • Like • 3After Preacher’s wife #1 comment that ended our discussion. If you have not listen to the 911 call that Zimmerman made I would encourage you to do so. It can be found on you tube. It is titled George Zimmerman’s Non-emergency aka “911” call. I started out saying that I wrote this piece because of the remarks of a few Christians. I certainly hope that most Christians didn’t say “Praise the Lord or screamed so loud that they scared the cats “when they heard the verdict… I would like for Christians to picture their son or grandson walking in a neighborhood with a package of skittles on a rainy night and his path intersects with an individual that has a gun. The individual with the gun is not known to him, the individual is not a police officer giving commands. Out of this chance meeting you son or grandson lies dead on the ground from a gunshot. I would assume that this would be very sad news for you.As the officers surveyed the scene they found skittles, they did not find stolen merchandise, they did not find a weapon on your son or grandson, there were no drugs reported in his body. You also find out that your son or grandson was headed to the home of a friend of the family that lived in the community.You finally get your day in court and after a long hard trial two proclamations are made one by the Judge “ Not Guilty” and one by the Preacher “Praise the Lord” I think as Christians we can and must do better. You may respond to this article by going to www.westtexastribune.com or emailing your comments to westtexastribune@yahoo.com