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YWCA moves toward disaffiliation

By Sienna Miller



Abilene’s local YWCA is planning to disaffiliate from the National Branch of the YWCA. The idea of disaffiliation has come up over the years due to different conflicts of interest between the local and the national organization. This most recent decision to follow through with this choice came earlier this year when the National YWCA changed their motto. The new national motto is “eliminating racism and empowering women”. The local YWCA did not feel {{more}} this motto to be representative of the local purpose and agenda. Executive Director, Kristina Jones says that they would like to keep the motto of “empowering women” along with helping children, the same, and focusing more on that aspect. She states that while eliminating racism is important to the YWCA, “It is not the primary goal of the YWCA”, says Jones. “Women face more challenges than just racism.” Jones adds. The Abilene YWCA, wants to keep their dollars local. Each year the Local YWCA gives $6,000 to support the National Organization of the YWCA. According to Jones, the local community does not receive those funds back. A group of YWCA members took a vote on Wednesday September the 6th over the lunch hour to begin the process. According to the YWCA’s Bi-laws, 2/3 of the members needed to vote for the change in order to move forward with the disaffiliation process. That number was surpassed during Wednesday’s vote. Out of those members present for Wednesday’s vote, 2 members chose not to participate in the vote and a third person chose to oppose the disaffiliation. The process will take some time to change and is dependent upon the results of a second vote to be held this spring. There will be a second vote during the month of March next year. The members of the YWCA maintain that they will still keep the programs intact that help serve the women and children of our community.

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