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Wylie Students Overnight at the Zoo

By Joe Starkey



Approximately 15 Wylie Middle School students got to spend the night locked in the zoo. The purpose of the lock in was to see the behind the scenes activities at the zoo. They also got to prepare bars of pumpkin, oats and honey to feed both the monkeys and the bears. They went into the monkey cages to hide the bars so the monkeys could explore and {{more}} enjoy a game of hide and seek but when asked if they went into the bears’ cages, Preston Percival said that they simply threw the bars for the bears into those cages. The lock in at the zoo was a reward for the work they did at the zoo back on April 29th during Zoo Enrichment Day. Teams of students set up learning centers that day and demonstrated facts about different animals. Dakota Parks was team leader for a team that set up a display of turtle eggs and told visitors about life cycles of the turtles. Amanda Johnson’s team set up a make and take project with paper mache to educate visitors about the prairie dogs and their benefits to rangeland. Bethanany McMillan and her team demonstrated how snakes help the environment by eating pests like rats and mice. They also demonstrated how to tell the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. This is the same group of Wylie Middle School Students who wrote a grant and raised money to purchase most of the zoo wish list for equipment last year. The next morning, all the campers came flying out of the zoo happily telling their parents about their adventure. Fifth grader Runal Shah talked about feeding the animals and that it was a really great time.

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