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By Jack Walker



"Ella and the 'fellas" dispatched by Michigan again to close out a bittersweet but stellar season on the global stage

              By: Jack Walker, West Texas Tribune Sports and Multi-Media

Now everyone throughout the country can believe in the magic of a young girls heart.  The Abilene Wylie baseball ball team....

. . . won’t hang their heads for too long following the high scores and O'( So close” 2021 Little League World Series’, sweetheart: Ella Bruning, the only girl to play in the tournament that should come to it’s annual conclusion around this time about a week from now despite what score update streams throughout cyberspace and ‘keep ya in the loop’ vibes on social media look like on the surface, make not a single mistake about the little relentless team from Texas will resonate around the world for many years to come following such a stellar performance in Williamsport, PA.
After a pair of clutch victories in the elimination rounds of the Hank Aaron bracket, Wylie Little League fell victim yet again to what has proven to be their Heel in the tournament. The final score of the contest, Taylor North Little League, from Michigan outlasted Wylie 15-6 to advance to the semifinals of the prestigious competition. Wylie was beat by the same opponent in their rain-soaked and weather=delayed showdown just half a week prior to the final loss on a glittering season.

Here’s a look back at some of the more notable accolades that would never be small enough to load into any vehicle and come back to Abilene with:

1. Ella Bruning is a catcher and pitcher for WLL who’s dynamics have captivated the nation. She’s been in papers in every state and a tribute teasing her feature story can be found in the latest copy of Sports Illustrated magazine. Ella also accounted for three hits in the opening game of the tournament-
making her just the third to do so.

2.  Wylie showed no mercy with two shut out performances against Washington (6-0) and Nebraska (10-0) and allowed just a single run against New Jersey

that kept their hopes aligned with the last day of the tournament.

3. Michigan (Taylor North) defeated Wylie in both games, including a loss to Taylor North, a stout and resilient engine of players from the tip of the Great 

Lakes. Michigan will play in the LLWS semifinals at the end of August and possibly into the last days of July. Prior to their decisive loss, Wyle only surrendered a pair of runs throughout the entire tournament

4. Wylie and their little-big-shot players captivated country convincingly enough to play on national television sports network juggrnqaut, E
ESPN and was featured in tangible supply of print copy via Sports Illustrated Magazine.

5. The West Texas band of baseball players merited the exclusive title of Texas for the 2021 Little League World Series after corralling several of the Lone Star States most prolific Little League Units

their competition was at times of overwhelming size in both stature, school enrollement and the number of players.

6.  Coaches of the Little League team, Reggie Regala is a "stand-up" loyal Abilene Wylie High School Alumni and decorated athlete himself.  His pedigree reflects with promising prominence in the handiwork of his son Dylan,

who was a consistent and versatile performer and collected stats and made paramount plays in every game of the tournament. Ella Bruning is also kin to the leaderhip staff for the Growl. Her father Brian is an assistant coach and bolsters
the recognition of the squad adamantly with pictures, videos and more via several social media platforms.

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