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Wylie Bulldogs Basketball…A Job Well Done!

By Janice Coleman



Unless you just moved into the Big Country from parts unknown, it would be almost impossible not to be aware of how many and how often Big Country area teams advance to post season athletics in just about every sport played. This occurs on both high school and college levels of athletics. The Wylie Bulldogs boys basketball team was no exception this season. The Bulldogs went to Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas on March 10, 2007 as the second ranked team in Class 3A to play in the state championship game against Sour Lake Hardin-Jefferson. Sour Lake may have come away with the victory, but I sat in Frank Erwin Center and watched an Abilene Wylie team whose families, fans, and friends should feel a sense of pride in the way the team represented their school, the Big Country, as well as the state of Texas. It took an exceptional team to make it to the State Finals and I have no doubt there will be return trips to Austin in their future. Congratulations to the Bulldogs for a job well done!

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