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Wreck Leads to a Successful Restaurant

By Floyd Miller



Have you met Brenda Heffernan? If you had to think about that for more than two seconds you probably have not. Brenda is the owner of Heff’s Burgers and More located on Rebecca Lane.When I entered her business for the first time I observed her going from table to table talking with her customers. She was very friendly, and the main thing she wanted to know was if the food met their expectations. I overheard several of her customers make the following comments, “I’ll be back,” and “I’m glad you finally got this place open.”{{more}}I asked Brenda how she got into the restaurant business. She said that said she and her husband started the business so that their son, Jason, would have a place to work. Jason was paralyzed about four year ago after being hit by a drunk driver with nine previous convictions. Jason’s doctor said that 99.9% of the people that suffer his injuries do not survive. He had a ruptured aorta, crushed pelvis, and staff infections in both lungs, which left him paralyzed but not hopeless.They opened their first restaurant in Potosi about a year ago. The restaurant was a huge success and they out grew their space. Heff’s Burgers and More opened at their new location on October 22nd.Customers at Heff’s Burgers and More. Photo by Alan CopelandJason is now working three days a week as a cashier.I asked Mrs. Heffernan about her future plans. She said that she will lease a portion of her building to Jed and Vicki Bailey they will be putting in Bailey’s Old Fashion Ice Cream and Soda Shop. After eating one of Heff’s hefty hamburgers you will be able to top it off with a Blue Bell malt or shake. Mrs. Heffernan said she would like to open several restaurants in Abilene and eventually sell franchises.I asked her why a person should spend their hard earned money with her. She said the number one reason is fresh food. They have fresh meat not frozen meat; each of their hamburger patties is hand pressed. They strive to serve a high quality meal at a reasonable cost. The last thing she mentions was that they are friendly and will make sure everyone that was with them feels welcome and appreciated.The restaurant has a nice atmosphere; old 45’s on the wall, pictures of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, old license plates and a piano in the corner. You might find Mrs. Heffernan at the piano if you are lucky. She may sing you a tune of one of the songs she has written. She currently has a song that’s #66 on the Texas Country Music charts called “Two Broken Hearts” sung by Zack Harmon of Abilene. This song is currently playing locally on KEAN KCBY. Mrs. Heffernan will be signing a contract with a Hollywood company in a few days for the latest song she’s written, “Make Our Getaway.”So why would you eat at Heff’s Burgers and More? Simply put, the four F’s: Fresh Food and Friendly Folks!

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