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World Music Comes to After-School Care Program

By Floyd Miller



Abilene, TX: Alliance After-School Care has been given the privilege to offer Putumayo World Music as an Enrichment Program. {{more}} Putumayo will meet at 14 after-school care sites twice monthly. Funded by the Future Fund Grant Committee of the Community Foundation of Abilene, the program will introduce students to music from all over the world, and provide them with a passion to learn more about Music.“We are so excited to be able to offer this music program at our sites. I feel it is very valuable for our students to continue their music education, since the music time in schools has been cut back to only 30 minutes. It is my vision that the kids would find a desire to expand their knowledge of other cultures around the world,” enrichment curriculum coordinator, Janelle Whittington, said of the program.Mr. Remel Derrick and Mr. Thurmond Metters are the 2 providers who will be visiting each site. As Putumayo providers, they will teach the children about various countries and their music styles. Included in the curriculum are a 52-page activity guide and -more-passport journal, as well as 16-piece music set at each school. In between the sessions, the students will be able to continue the Putumayo experience through the World Music Playground CD. The children will learn to sing various songs and play instruments from different countries around the world. At each program, students will have the opportunity to play a conga, tambourine, bongos, tom-toms, and a keyboard. Some of the various countries the students will be learning about are Senegal, Bolivia, Jamaica, Australia, Canada, Greece, France, Congo, and Brazil. The Alliance for Women and Children, formerly YWCA of Abilene is a non-profit organization and has served the Abilene area since 1920, offering four distinct programs: Women’s Health Awareness, A-Teens, Alliance After-School Care, and Women’s Economic Empowerment.

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