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Woodson All-Schools Reunion 2008

By Floyd Miller



The Woodson All-Schools Reunion 2008 Committee and the Interested Citizens of Abilene North , join together to highlight and preserve the history of Abilene’s African-American Community {{more}} in two different and special ways. The return of the Woodson All-Schools Alumni and Teaching Staff to Abilene will feature the celebration of the history of Abilene’s African-American community that flourished from the 1900’s until 1968 as a segregated community. There will also be an announcement of recognition of two significant figures of the community’s history. The events start with a Golf Tournament on Thursday, July 17, Registration, Health Fair, Picnic/Luncheon-Business Meeting, Historical Dedication and Chicken and Fish Fry on Friday, July 18,Registration, Black Business Expo, Historical Dedication, Class Picture, Fashion and Talent Show, Banquet and Dance on Saturday, July 19 and Memorial Brunch on Sunday, July 20, 2008. The center of all activities will be at the Woodson High School, 342 Cockrell Drive. Contact Joe Brown 325 670-0567 or Petty Hunter 325 370-5317.

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