Why More People Don’t Own Elephants

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By Don Swinney | December 1, 2013

It has been said that the reason why more people don’t own elephants is because no one has figured out how they can be sold for a dollar down and a dollar a week. This brings us to the subject of buying on the installment plan.I wanted to know something about installment buying, so I consulted my $10.00 encyclopedias. I also wanted to know what countries had this option. I’m sorry to say they let me down in this respect. I may have to swallow my pride and ask someone who owns a computer. But they did tell me that installment buying could be traced back to ancient Rome. No one could say whether the practice is good or bad. Naturally it has its advantages and disadvantages. Big ticket items like houses and cars are items that very few can pay in cash for. {{more}}Only once in my life have I been able to do that. I had dreams of becoming a missionary since my early teens. I even wove it into my proposal or marriage to my wife at age 18. As the years went by, and as I viewed the status quo of getting to a mission field, I changed my aspirations. I no longer just wanted to be a missionary, but a self-supported missionary. When I found what I thought to be a perfect avenue, it took me three years to qualify for it. Two of these three years I worked three jobs, saving all the income from one of the three jobs. When we landed in Germany, we paid cash for a new Volvo.I have a little trick I pull on clerks in convenience stores and Wal-Mart. When my purchase amount comes to $3.76, I asked them, “Could I pay that out by the month?” If the clerk doesn’t catch on, usually someone standing close by does and gets a laugh. Maybe we’d be better off if we were forced to save until we could pay cash for things before getting our hands on them. But this article is not going to change anything. Life in the U.S.A is still going to go on the same, enjoying a product before we fully pay for it. When foreigners come here and see our modus operindi, maybe that’s one of the things that makes American great.