Who let the doegs out?


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By Don Swinney | July 31, 2014

There’s probably no way I can write this without ruffling the feathers of someone but time about is fair play . I have the greatest admiration for those that serve in the military, but after living on a military base for five years, and dealing with that same base for eight, l wonder how we ever won a war.We lived in a stairwell of 12 families, al l of which were officers; after some brushes with the military police, they insisted that the lowest I.Q’s of all military folks were put into the military police . Let me give one illustration.Our son was a senior in high school and could not drive. I took him to a very deserted part of the base and proceeded to teach him to drive. After a little while a security policeman came into our area. After watching awhile, he asked us what we were doing. I told him. He arrested us, told us to follow him back to the police station – which we did. He sat down at a desk and said, “Now, what do I do?” I was waiting for that moment. He had no idea what to do! Ile let us go without charge or warning. I knew he didn’t have a leg to stand on. I laughed all the way home.A similar incident happened near our home recently, but this time it was with prison police. I wanted to show my son the two prisons near our home. Close to them was a gate about two feet high but was open. There were no signs saying, “Do not enter.” So I entered. About half way down was a tower with a rifle-bearing guard there in. He waved me down, “What are you doing?” He asked. “Sightseeing” I replied. “Didn’t you see that gate?” “Yes, and it was open, and I saw no signs saying ‘Do not enter.”‘ But when he raised his gun, 1 took that as a sign to leave. Hey, I’m not dumb.