White On White Crime: An Unspoken Tragedy

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By Kerry Coddett | August 1, 2016

By Kerry Coddett , Mon., August 1, 2016

Kerry Coddett is an actress, comedian, and writer from Brooklyn, NY, who still resides in Brooklyn, NY. She lives an exciting life. An Upright Citizens Brigade diversity scholar, Kerry also writes and stars in her own sketch comedy web series

The ugly truth is white on white crime does exist. It is a growing pandemic in the white community, and if we don’t call attention to this problem soon, there will be no more white people left to run the world. 
Most of the conversation surrounding crime involves black people, who selfishly take all of the credit for being criminals. Blacks are notorious for being called thugs and gangsters, but the real MVPs (Most Violent People) are whites. Every day in cities across the country, people die at the hands of white people. What’s more, they’re killing their own kind. According to the US Department of Justice statistics, 84 percent of white people killed every year are killed by other whites. In 2011, there were more cases of whites killing whites than there were of blacks killing blacks. Between 1980 to 2008, a majority (53.3 percent) of gang-related murders were committed by white people, with a majority of the homicide victims being white as well.
In America, whites commit the majority of crimes. What’s even more troubling is that they are also responsible for a vast majority of violent crimes. In 2013, whites led all other groups in aggravated assault, larceny-theft, arson, weapons-carrying, and vandalism. When it comes to sexual assault, whites take the forcible rape cake. They are also more likely to kill children, the elderly, family members, their significant others, and even themselves! They commit more sex-related crimes, gang related crimes, and are more likely to kill at their places of employment. In 2013, an estimated 10,076 people died in the U.S. due to drunken driving crashes. Driving while drunk is almost exclusively a white crime because everyone knows black people prefer to drink on their porches or inside their homes.
So why is white on white crime so prevalent, one may ask? Is it the music they listen to? Is it the white divorce rate, resulting in more white children coming from broken homes? Perhaps it’s the TV shows they watch or the violent sports they play. More than likely, it is a combination of all of those things, with the exact root cause unclear. What is clear, though, is that not enough people are talking about the crime plaguing the white community. We need to spread the word, holding protests and demonstrations that call attention to this growing matter. Because, after all—-white lives matter, too.

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  1. Sybil Leach on June 6, 2019 at 1:29 pm

    Good piece Kerry… keep up the good work. On a side note: can you mentor me towards entering my field a writer? I have a Bachelor of Arts in English. Focus is Professional & Technical Communications Writing. Your seasoned help, networking opportunity is appreciated.

  2. E. Sol on August 4, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    After yet another senseless, tragic mass shooting, you should be aware of some possible reasons.

    This administration’s track record is one of weakening — not strengthening — gun laws. After accepting ~$30 million from the NRA to get elected in 2016, President Trump has weakened gun laws. Along with pledging his support to those in El Paso and Dayton this week, he has:

    –Signed a law repealing the Social Security Administration rule on record submission to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System for disability recipients prohibited from possessing guns due to significant mental illness.

    The result? More than 400,000 prohibiting records will not make their way into the system, and people with severe mental illness — who are prohibited from having guns — will be able to pass a background check and get armed.

    –Trump narrowed the definition of who is a fugitive under federal law, a policy change that allows more people on the run from the law to pass a background check and get their hands on guns.

    The result? In the first six months after the policy came into place, the number of denials to fugitives plummeted by 80%.

    –The gun lobby spent more than $55 million to elect Donald Trump and NRA allies in Congress in 2016. In exchange, NRA-backed members of Congress introduced legislation to enact the NRA’s top legislative priorities.

    The result? The then GOP-led House passed a bill in March 2017 that would remove a gun prohibition for Veterans’ Affairs beneficiaries who are severely mentally ill–removing nearly 170,000 records from the background checks system.

    Stop them. Vote for sensible gun safety laws.

    Source: https://everytown.org/press/the-facts-trump-administration-has-already-weakened-u-s-gun-laws/

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