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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd | July 1, 2012

It is real what I am going through and you are my father..Yet…at times my body physically exerts itself seeking a geographical location for my justiceNeeding an advocate and a lawyer.. seeking a spiritual guideWhat about the plan I had to go to Law School to help othersget justice…am I in for the long durationWhere are you …God?I could have disappeared many times in this world of yourscar accidents did not take me…exs did not kill me….And with your loving angels for a reason you have saved me.During my Christian walk of salvation I have learnedYou are my salvation, my counselor, my lawyer, my healer…A prophet filled Christian shared with me ..my vision…Where are you…God?Somewhere along the way my happiness was crushed the little girl who anxiously learned the hobbies she lovedThe awesome joy of creativity that I called mine suddenly …was stolen in the night by jeolous wolvesA blessing and gift you gave to me brought in by my womb…Snatched in a heartbeat by the haters….Where are you..God?You are a God of vengence…I am truly believing…My creator when I am helpless..I have always turned toyou for the answers…even with a Giant..that I cannot deal with…even though I cannot see you….With blind faith ….I keep hanging on …hoping that the waitthe wait for justice….shortens with time…The spiritual I have after all the hell….I turned to you….Now ..I am forgiving….they say that is the best key..Thank you ..God…I know you are here…when others have fallen shortand wounded my heart.you are here…With your Holy Spirit.because I am freeand he is in meJesus..