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By | November 2, 2016

By Jennifer I. Cowick Expressed Love Ministry founder, Sheria D. Davis, hosted a function for women on September 30th at Ben E Kieth titled “What’s Behind The Mask?”. Sheria is an Evangelist and published author of the book “Rotten Roots”. She with the help of her best friend, and local business owner Jill Jones, put on a lovely event that included food, beverage, music, fellowship, and prayer. {{more}} Jill Jones, owner of Just Jewelry & JJ Boutique, gave an inspiring opening speech to prepare the way for Ms. Davis’ powerful and emotional sermon. The overall theme of the evening was that many women have endured many hardships of varying degrees over the course of their lives. Some of which may have been abusive, and that behind the mask, as it were, there is much pain and life experience that mold who we have become. But the message of the night was that those abuses, those experiences, were for a greater purpose. That we as women can use our insight, our strength, as a source of compassion and empathy to be utilized to help and inspire other women. That these life experiences that are tucked away neatly as we carry on with everyday life, are actually part of a grand design that calls upon us to be there for others. Evangelist Davis is a great example of this. As she explained during her sermon, and in richer detail in her book, she herself is a survivor of much abuse; but has transformed those abuses into a calling to be a blessing to others. And in that way and for that greater purpose she “unmasks”. There was an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Questions and discussions were put on the table and everyone was encouraged to express their ideas and thoughts. In this way their was a feeling of camaraderie and sisterhood. And answers and comments illustrated that we all had similar views and motives, and were very much alike it our cores, despite differences that there might seem to be on the surface. It was clear by the end of the evening that any or all of us could in some way serve or assist others. That through the darkness of our own life experiences we are called to be a light to others.