What Really Fuels the Chase?

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By Jack Walker | July 1, 2013

For the last 18 months now I’ve been writing this column. I browsed through my previous narratives recently, looking and sort of evaluating each of them and seeing how they all might tie together to stimulate one particular theme. Obviously this is the “Opinions” page of the Tribune so of course its’ general species is an editorial of sorts however there are so many different types of opinions and I truly am objectively seeking to use this opportunity as an outlet to motivate, inspire and touch the hearts and lives of our tremendous readership network. No different than any of the previous months I ALWAYS, for the sake of the assembly, include my disclaimer that this dissertation –if you will- is ALWAYS based on events that occur in MY personal life. So make no mistake about it… This is an outlet I utilize to make light of something that’s happened or is currently happening in my life. {{more}} Now, before reading any further; ask yourself… Are you more of an analytical person that believes based on concrete evidence, statistic and common occurrence…? Or can you safely be tagged as a genuinely, for lack of any other better way of putting it, “everything happens for a reason” type of person. Maybe you’re both… You believe in serendipity and how certain things may unfold for no particular reason that can be explained, sort of a supernatural, “wow that’s absolutely crazy how that ended up working out like it did” transaction. And then you also stand by what you can only see and what seems logical and has significant and stable action by human will behind it. Regardless of what you may believe this is the transition you should come to grips as we now proceed into the theme of this column… What really fuels “The Chase”? This is a universal statement. It can apply to the ongoing pursuit of a male or female as an intimate companion or it can bind to taking aggressive action in seeking the job or career you’ve always wanted. It can mean the chasing of a dream that you’ve always wanted to do with your life, and the fundamental aspiration behind your existence. But what is it that really fuels the chase…? Obviously if you’re after something or someone and you can describe the pursuit of that something or someone as I did in the above paragraph this person of objective is very important to you and means a lot, and “means a lot” is still an understatement. Women may tell you that when a man is after them so persistently that it’s simply the thrill of the chase itself. A guy is going out of his way to do all these wonderful thing s and say all make all these amazing promises to win the affection of a special lady. Then once he manages to finally obtain her in the status he wanted with her he doesn’t exhibit the same intensity and passion as he did when he was originally courting her in making her happy and being there for her and meeting her emotional needs, remaining loyal and treating her with love, dignity and respect, or doing those things with lackluster value and effort. My argument…? There is none… It was the thrill that fueled his seemingly extraordinary actions and statements that won her over to begin with. That is IF he treats her poorly or doesn’t uphold his original contentions. Shame on him/her…. It was indeed nothing more than the thrill of the chase itself… And by the way, she wasn’t the girl of your dreams… This ideal is parallel to when an individual is looking rigorously for a job they really want. Telling the potential employer in the interview and pre-hire process how important this career is and how they will exceed all of the standards to which they are held. Consequently, one is then offered a position and shortly after beginning to work at their supposed dream job they get a little too comfortable and no longer show the same drive and high level of performance they did when they first started or during “the chase” of that career in the first place. Shame on them… It was indeed nothing more than the thrill of the chase itself… And by the way, it was never your dream job… No different is “the dream”… One will go above and beyond their human capacities and showing an incredible level of effort and consistent degree of action and work to achieve their lifelong aspiration. For example the young man that’s always wanted to be an NFL football player since he first put on shoulder pads in the Pop Warner and Pee Wee organizations as seven year old. He stays in the gym long after everyone else has left. He’s running bleachers on the weekends the day after the game while the rest of the team is resting. And he’s out on the field doing wind sprints and speed and agility drills well beyond the limits and time periods that everyone else did them. Then, once he has a stellar collegiate career and starts getting attention from the student population, the media and becomes an NFL prospect all of that goes to his head and begins partying way too much and indulging in destructive behaviors that thwart his ultimate potential and the NFL passes him by because his ego got in his way and impulse got the best of him. Shame on him… And by the way, it was never your dream… Now, there is a polar opposite that rests much more in the positive realm… And if you truly examine it for what each and every component of it all is worth, perhaps it was just always meant to be… But without perseverance, action and dedication there is nothing as faith without works is dead. However, let’s not lose sight of the mission here… What really fuels the chase? For the football player that made it to the NFL; he exhibited self-control, humility and dedication and ends up having a more then monumental career at the highest level of competition his lexicon can offer. Congratulations… It really was your dream. You see, it’s not the chase… It’s the love… For the career man/woman that retires a celebrated employee of many years as one of the most admired and productive members of their organization’s existence…? Congratulations… It really was your dream job. It’s not the chase… It’s the love… And for the man that finally got his long, ever-present, ‘crush’ that never went away to go out with her after chasing her seemingly forever… From that moment he treats her like a princess, fulfills all of his promises and she falls in love with him because he shows her a standard of affection like no one else ever would… Congratulations: she really was the girl of your dreams. It’s not the chase… it’s the love. In final clarification when you look at the better of the results you can only believe that it was always meant to be from the beginning, that even the cosmos may have got involved at some point to ensure that everything happened accordingly… But of course the person that looks back and ponders the tremendous fulfillment that is the genuine result of their burning desire… the ultimate accomplishment… the dream… It’s not the chase… It’s the LOVE.