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What is the meaning of the 4th of July for Today?

By Joe Starkey



It will mean that Editor Floyd Miller is 3 days past his last birthday. It will mean that my collie who would face down a grizzly bear to keep it out of her yard will have spent the last three or four days shaking in my closet from the noise of fireworks. It will be the 21st consecutive 4th Of July that I was not on call for Army Bomb Disposal.Mr. Mark Smith was one of the guides for the Mansion open house. When asked the question above – he responded that it was much like the Mansion. “Some look at the Damage, Some look at the Potential.” He felt that most know what the Fourth should represent but it has devolved into BBQ and fireworks and that too many no longer understand what Freedom cost.Mr. Tyree Jones was enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon at the park after working his 27th Juneteenth watching friends play dominoes. His first thought was “independence of the United States, Freedom from the rule of England”. He spoke of the many freedoms we enjoy even if some had to go farther. “We are stronger now because people work together.” Juneteenth freed people from slavery while the Fourth stood for freedom to choose who runs the country. “We are better off than ever before because we have combined to make a stronger country.”Tyree Jones. Photo by Joe Starkey.I can’t think about the Fourth of July without Rodeos and cowfolks so I headed over to the Expo Center to find some of both. I stopped two girls at random and got really lucky as it was Ms. Cally Harwick, President of the Texas High School Rodeo Association and Ms. Sarah Green, Secretary of the association. They were both in a hurry as they had been called to the center stage for presentations of Second Round Awards. As they walked- Cally said she thinks about what independence means to all of us today and Sarah finished the thought with “freedom for all. How far we have come and how far we can yet go.”Mr. Frankie Martinez of the Expo Center Staff said it was “time for family and friends with fireworks and BBQ added in.

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