What Is Fit For A KING?

 Tammy Kister

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By | September 1, 2016

When a Man owns everything, What will you offer Him as a gift?When a Man is the inventor of everything, What will your hands make in His honor?When a Man is worthy of constant praise,What time will you set apart to worship Him?When a Man is the inventor of all music,What song shall be played on His behalf?If a Man has the finest of mansions,What dwelling place will you offer when He visits?If all the beast of the field belong to Him, What meal shall you prepare for Him?When a Man can see the thoughts and intents of the heart,What words would you use to communicate?If that Man hung the moon and stars in space, What skill would you portray in His presence?To be in the Kingdom of Heaven, To dance, laugh and sing…But when He comes I’ll ask Him for myself, What is fit for a KING?By: T.K. Parks