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By Robert Lilly | April 1, 2012

Note:               America, through the experience of theAfrican-American, what would that sound like? To get alittle closer to that idea, let us consider a what-if scenario. What if thebuffalo, that once roamed the plains of the untamed countryside, could speak?What would they say about their reduction in numbers from 70-150,000,000 in1830 to 250,000 today? Would they praise their presence in the several pins inwhich they are kept from here to Canada as a God-sent blessing? What would theysay of the Anglo hunters who coveted their hides and dogged their pathsbringing them almost to extinction; their fate only to be turned around bygovernmental measures that prevented the almost certain eradication of theirexistence in the Northern hemisphere? I think they would paint an ugly portraitthat would scream genocide! {{more}}             Genocide:the decimation, deliberate killing, ethnic cleansing, holocaust and the eradicationof people belonging to a specific group. We can easily speak of these events inforeign lands , but when it comes to ourown exploits here in America we seem to lose our ability to reason with oneanother. Why is this? I posit that it is because we are in a collective andselective denial.             You see itis far easier to ignore the past, much more accommodating to our collectiveconscience. Anytime the history of the conception of our nation within the wombof slavery comes up we seek to abort any discussion. We’d much rather pretendthat things have advance so far that the mere mention of our history ofinjustices, whether against African-Americans or any other ethnic group, iscounterproductive to progress.             Accordingto some estimates as many as 1 million Jewish children, 2 million Jewish womenand 3 million Jewish men died under the reign of terror within Nazi Germany.This is a travesty by any measure. Any human life that is extinguished beforeits time is a loss for the world and a blow to civilization.             In Americawe have seen similar times.  Have weforgotten the slaughter of the indigenous peoples who populated this landbefore the arrival of the first European or African? These Native American’s,as some would identify them today, were wholesale slaughtered, just like thebuffalo. However, we seem not to want to talk about that either.             TheAtlantic slave trade lasted not a decade but between the 15th-19thcenturies! A total of an estimated 10 million Africans were transported toEurope and the Americas and there are no exact numbers for the countless othersthat perished during the Middle Passage; millions more are an understatement.What is the purpose of this recital? The purpose is to raise the contradictionsthat plague our memory. We give credence and relevancy to one set of events,recalling them whenever it suits our political aims , while another set ofoccurrences goes unmentioned and when they are mentioned they become the focusof dispute.             In thedocumentary Maafa, the film seeks to connect genocide ofAfrican Americans to the American eugenics movement of the 19th and20th Centuries. However, little mention is made of the fact thatwhite supremacy as practiced globally within the context of Europeancolonialism and imperialism achieved both then and now what the film sayscontemporary advocates of Pro-Choice do through their support for abortion.This is either selective memory or deliberate deception of the viewers. Youdecide.             I am quiteaware of the controversies instigated by fanatics that often accompany theanniversary of the Holocaust within Germany, or the attacks certain museumshave experienced from Right Wing extremists. And in almost every case theperpetrators of these acts have been identified as racist radicals bent on thecontinued destruction of a specific group, their history and its mention toanother generation of Americans.             Yet, wefail to perceive that this could be happening in the case of African-Americans.We don’t want to see so many people, who share the desire for us to just hushup on the topic of slavery, as racist- God forbid. However, racism, despite ourclosed eyes, shut mouths and stuffed eared approach, is not going to make it goaway.             Thesolution I propose to introduce is to have us embrace our past, to discuss itin a reasonable tone, accepting that there will be emotions, with an open mindand a willing heart to learn from it what may be there to discover for ourdeliverance. Should we continue to flee from this task we only forlorn the hopeof racial reconciliation in our country and we keep the doors open to thedeceivers, who yearn for nothing more than a repeat of history.             Thisassignment requires us to have heart and be courageous. We cannot address thepast in fear of one another or ourselves. The youth of today are abandoned totheir ignorance when we live in our denial. Too many times we avoid confrontingthe lies because we are paralyzed by fear. Fear: False Evidences AppearingReal. The diluted World history written by the powers that be for our continuedmisguidance must be exposed for what it is; deception by any other name isstill the same. I encourage you, the reader; to start seeking information foryourself, don’t depend on someone else to get you the facts. Get out andregister for a library card, buy books online, reader scholarly articles onGoogle, get the information you need to form your own opinions, it could meanthe difference between life and death. What if we woke up and came toour senses; this could not go on as it has for far too long?