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What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

By Kathy Barr



My husband, Richard and I have done quite a bit of traveling this summer, and it always amazes me how much I learn when we take these jaunts across the country. Let me share some of the insights I gained while visiting family and friends in Indiana, Georgia and Florida. Our granddaughter, {{more}} Abbey, is the cutest baby on the face of the earth, whether she is in Texas, Georgia or Florida . Everyone agrees with us that she should be nominated the most adorable infant. And the fact that she is saying B-B-B makes her the most intelligent seven-month old baby on the planet. Obviously, watching Baby Einstein on a regular basis is working. In addition, having a room full of adults who repeat baby sounds every time she utters these noises probably doesn’t hurt her verbal abilities. Our cats, Moo and Star, can live without us. Of course, we get a cat sitter while we are gone. One can’t help but wish, though, that their “welcome home” when we walk through the door would be more enthusiastic. I guess we have gotten used to the fact that when we come home, we are expecting too much if we think they will greet us with open arms. Sometimes, in fact, they give us the cold shoulder for a little while, just to make sure we know that we really aren’t that important to them.There are some parts of the United States where it actually rains. A lot. We got excited when it rained in Abilene recently and we got .000001 inches of rain. However, in places like Georgia, Florida and Louisiana, the rain is so intense at times that if you happen to be driving, you probably can’t see past the tip of your nose. Being a relative newcomer to Abilene, I am still getting used to the fact that if you see a puddle, it probably is because someone is washing their car. There are some towns with funny names in the United States. While driving to Indiana to visit my husband’s family, we drove through Peru and Cuba – in the heartland of America! Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold. It was wonderful to see some friends in Florida that I left eight months ago when we moved to Texas. It was as if we had never been separated. We were treated like royalty – stayed in the beautiful home of our good friends Jim and Lynette McClelland, and were taken out several times for dinner by others. What a blessing, though, to know we had made some friends here in Abilene that would welcome us when we came home. There’s no place like home – Abilene. The warmth, friendliness and willingness to help others have made it so easy for us to call Abilene home. Thanks to everyone who has made our move to this part of the world so easy for us!

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