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Western Heritage Classic

By Joe Starkey



Most of what goes on in this three day celebration of the working ranch hand is for adults. Kids can watch but the adults show and buy horses, hold a ##: Read More ## Western Art Show and compete at adult ranch work events. But when it comes to the Stick Horse Rodeo, the kids take center place and put on an amazing show of their own. This page is about the 3 and 4 year olds who come out of the chute on untamed stick horses and mostly hold their own. True to the cowboy creed, the ones who take a spill jump up and grab the mane of that mangy, no-good stick horse that threw them and go back to bucking him out. When the 5 and 6 year olds take their turn – you never saw so many hot dog riders in one place. Every cowboy and cowgirl knows their own boots and even when you stack them all together in a big heap – when the chuck wagon bell sounds, they grab their own boots, yank em on and head for the chuck line. Number 44, Sarah Williams dove onto the pile of boots, bucked her way back up to the top after the slowpokes stacked up on her and galloped her way to victory. But the most excitement came when they told the junior cowpokes that the ribbons tied to the fine fast piglets were worth cold hard cash. It was a cloud of dust, squirming and sprinting piglets and grins so big, it was like indoor sunshine. My apologies to any of the cowpokes if I misheard their name when it was announced in the arena and have now misspelled them in the paper. It would be remiss not to give special mention to Mr. Archie Jones and the crew of the West Texas Rehab chuck wagon for a truly wonderful meal. The chicken fried steak was one the best I can remember and I’ve been eating them for a really long time. My doubts were going double time when they handed me peach cobbler topped with corn bread but it was simply excellent and worked better with the meal than you could have paid me to say. So next year – don’t say “I don’t do rodeo” – go see the rest of Western

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