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West Texas Tribune Celebrates A Birthday

By Floyd Miller



This edition of the paper represents our first anniversary. The first edition was published May 8, 2005. Today I would like to highlight the stories of that first issue by using a few quotes.Abilene Citizens Express Concerns by Joe Starkey. This story involved a Town Hall Meeting called by Councilman Anthony Williams, NAACP President Petty Hunter, and LULAC Council President Erasmo Martinez to hear concerns of citizens and work toward solutions. Mr. Petty Hunter said, “we need to go to school board meetings, city council meetings and participate. We need to hold them accountable and that takes knowledge of how and what they are doing.”Remembering “MUH” by Floyd Miller. This was a tribute to my mother-in-law Mrs. Frazier. Here is one of my quotes from that story: “On April 24, 1999 I was holding “Muh’s” hand when she took her last breath. I don’t know if she knew I was there or even if she remembered me, however that was not the point. The point was that I remembered who she was and what she had meant to me over the last 26 years of her life.”Judge Alan Page Featured Speaker by Joe Starkey. Judge Page was brought to Abilene as part of HSU McIntrye Distinguished Speaker Series. Judge Page had an outstanding career with the Minnesota Vikings before he became a judge. Here is a quote from his speech: “Preparation is critical to success. You must prepare well, size up the situation and respond appropriately.I-CAN Banquet A Success by Floyd Miller. Mr. Vanoy Oscar Stevenson, Jr. was honored as the community hero. Dr. Howard Carver Minister of World Missionary Baptist Church in Ft. Worth was the speaker. Here is a quote from Dr. Carver. He said instead of “crying like a baby we must do something for ourselves, leave the excuses alone.”On the editorial page the story was “Mother’s little angel already giving teachers the devil” by Charita M. Goshay, Copley News Service. This story is about the 5 year old girl that was handcuffed by police because of her temper tantrums. Ms. Goshay in her writing said the police went to far but she didn’t have any mercy for mother and daughter when they appeared on TV. This is what she said: “When Ja’eisha and her mother, IngaAkins, appeared on a television, Ja’eisha, dressed in an angelic white frock, matching gloves and fooling no one, listened as her mother lay the blame for what happened onSchool officials. Needless to say, a lawsuit is winging its way to court. My only reason for appearing on TV would have been as a recipient of the first nationally televised butt-whipping.”The advertisers in that first edition were Mark & Janice Stevens, R & A Enterprise Publishing, Lena’s Barber Shop, YWCA, Southwest Home Health Care Agency, Neomia Banks State Farm Insurance, NeeCee’s Beauty Supply & Salon, and AIG Advisors Group/Advantage Capital Corporation. We want to thank all of our advertisers who have supported us. We would like to recognize YWCA, Southwest Home Health Care Agency, Neomia Banks State Farm Insurance, NeeCee’s Beauty Supply & Salon, and AIG Advisor Group/Advantage Capital Corporation for supporting every issue we have published. We encourage you to take a minute and look at the advertisers in this edition. If you need a service they provide please give them an opportunity to compete for your business. Let them know that you appreciate their support of the paper. The staff of the West Texas Tribune is grateful for the support of each advertiser.We want to thank all for the organizations that let us distribute our paper in their location. We thank you the reader. It is very satisfying to see those papers leave the newsstand.The world has changed a lot since our first edition. Our paper has changed in some ways, however there are a few things that have not changed. Marilyn and I have the same desires for the paper today that we expressed a year ago.1. We solicit your prayers.2. We ask that you serve, as an extra set of eyes and ears looking for stories that you believe should be covered.3. When possible, we ask that you give our sponsors an opportunity to compete for your business.4. We want feed back, both the positive and for negative.We look forward to serving you for many years.

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