West Texas Rodeo

West Texas Rodeo

By Joe Starkey

Emily Hamrick of Anacoco, Louisiana earned herself a free pizza and a case of Bud Light in the barrel racing. She started out really fast but tipped over the first Barrel. She then very carefully and deliberately tipped over the second Barrel and followed this off by carefully laying down the last Barrel. This got her a horrible time of 30.25 seconds, but it did get her the free pizza and the case of Bud Light to take home. The rest of the barrel Racers that placed were under 15 seconds. Kassidy Lovell took first. Sara Withers took second Taylor Langdon took third and Carly Taylor was 4th.

Saddle bronc was next and Jade Blackwell scored a really nice 83.

Connor Scholes of Swan Valley, ID got some Texas tuff as his bull first threw him, butted him and just flat ran over him, but he scrambled for the fence as soon as he wasn’t being stepped on.  The clowns did a great job all night. It was fun to watch them “fight” the Mexican fighting bull.  No concern for the welfare of a cowboy and just turn loose their skills.  One jumped onto the bull from the barrel and then to the arena floor.

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