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West Texas Entrepreneur Competition

By Floyd Miller



Jeremy “Mr. Spring” Ray an enthusiast, community activist, entrepreneur, and small business owner just doesn’t know how to quit. Spring owns and operates Making A Difference, a multi-business operation that includes operations like; Texas Sports and Games, Junk Men, West Texas Entrepreneur, Clothe Your Soul, 6 in 60 Speed Dating, eXchange-It, Smart Kids, United In Christ, and an advocate of the concept “Creative Thinking”. When asked {{more}} what his business hours were, he responded, “I am an entrepreneur. I am always at work.” Spring, a West Texas native, graduate of Abilene Cooper High, and a former student at Odessa College and Cisco Jr. College is a young and ambitious man who doesn’t want to see dreams of younger people unlived or thinkable achievements undreamed. “If you believe then you can achieve” so goes the saying, but Spring’s concerns are that many people have stopped believing or never fathom any other possible achievements because they never knew they existed. He says, “Two factors that are significant to any success are Exposure and Inspiration. If a child isn’t exposed to opportunity then how does he or she know that it exists? Likewise, if a child has potential, but no inspiration, he or she is like a Hummer without any gas.” Spring will be conducting the first ever West Texas Entrepreneur 3-week competition at the beginning of 2008 in Abilene and later a 6 month competition. He says that he looks forward to the community backing his ventures. His belief in God and what he is doing gives him strength to climb at times the “greasy pole to success”. If you are interested in competing in the West Texas Entrepreneur competition, • Please send an essay on “What is an Entrepreneur” to by January 19th, 2008.• Competition is scheduled for February 3, 2008 and will last the entire month. • All applicants must be 21 and older and must pay a $20 application fee that is good for one year• 30 people will be chosen • 3 winners will receive up to $1,000 each

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