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By Floyd Miller | September 11, 2005

Welcome To Texas Fellow AmericansEditorial by Floyd E. MillerThis past week has evoked all types of thoughts and emotions. In the early aftermath of Hurricane Katrina I must say that I was hurt, frustrated and saddened in the way that our government handled {{more}} the rescue and recovery. Today I must say that I am encouraged as I witness the outpouring of love and compassion from individuals, churches and non-profits. I again want to state that this rescue effort did not start soon enough. I am not here to blame Democrats, Republicans, or any other political group. I think there are some basic things we expect of our elected officials no matter what their political persuasion may be. We are really talking about doing the job that is part of ones responsibility. I am reminded of the story that was told when President Regan was shot. It was reported that as he was going into the operating room he said to the doctor, ?I hope you are a Republican?. It is reported that the doctor said, ?Mr. President, today there are no Republicans or Democrats in the operating room, just Americans?.I have heard some individuals say, ?all I want the government to do is deliver my mail and protect its citizens?. I think those individuals are probably scratching their heads in disgust as they look at ?The Gulf Coast Tragedy?. I am thankful for the role the media has played in the tragedy. I am convinced the death toll would have been much higher if it wasn?t for the media. The news groups continued to show the good, the bad, and the ugly. I think those individuals that were looting, and taking things that was not necessary for survival was part of the ugly. I would also include officials that had the power to do something but didn?t in that same group. It was never a question in my mind if we had the resources. I did question when or if we would use them. I was relieved when I saw 120 choppers into the area, the National Guard, and military take control of the situation. I think we are doing a lot of things right at this point. The government is doing what it needs to be doing. The citizens from day one began to reach out and help, and continue to do so.There is at least one other thing that I believe we need to change and that is our vocabulary. We need to replace the word ?refugees? with the proper words ?Fellow Americans?.Welcome to Texas Fellow Americans.