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We Have The Privilege Of Petitioning The King

By Henry Nelson



Proverbs 21: 1 “The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes“Look at this newspaper clipping. Gambling, robbery, sexual immorality, and violence are prevalent. Half of all children are born out of wedlock; purity and fidelity to the marriage vow are sneered as out of fashion. Corruption in politics is rampant. The world is broken. The sad part is that you would think that this was today, but it was a dateline of a newspaper clipping from 1694. Amen!Two years of campaigning-for president-finally ended. For most of us, the fact that it is over is a great relief. For some there is rejoicing at the outcome, hope of change, sadness and great concern for that change for the future. This campaign stirred up- passions of American people. An unprecedented number of registered voters voted.This election has been historic in a number of ways. This is the 1st time in our history where a black man was elected president. Perhaps this is a sign that as a nation we are moving beyond some of the racial divisions of the past. We need not underestimate the importance of this. It was only 143 years ago that slavery abolished in the United States. In addition Amendment 2 was passed clearly defining marriage between one man and one woman. Hopefully this will send a clear message of the righteousness of our nation. How do we respond to the Presidential Elections? As John Quincy Adams, our sixth president, said, “Duty is ours, results are Gods. I hope each of us as Christians did our duty now the results are in the hands of God.” Our economy is in trouble, we are in great moral decline, we hear of wars and rumors of wars daily.Two men both promised to fix all our problems and meet all our needs, both at home and around world. In many ways, they promised to do only what God can do for a people who turn to Him and repent of sin. The future of our nation is not determined by an election, but by the faith of the elect. Regardless of who you voted for, you can be assured that the Bible still contains all the answers to life. Prayer still works and God hears the cry of His people. The Holy Spirit is still at work in the world. Those who call on- the name of God will be saved. God still sits on His throne and rules all of Creation. It is good to remind ourselves of who is really in charge. Amen!Now that the election is over, our responsibility is clearly to pray faithfully and consistently for our President, his wife, his family, and his advisors. Pray for their safety, their wisdom, and their discernment. You may not like Obama or agree with his policies, but we must honor the office he holds and pray for him. 1st Peter 1:7 says, “Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, and honor the king.” This is both a Good Day and a Bad Day. The election may be behind us, but the affects are still ahead of us and somewhat unknown. Good Day- we have elected the first black president. This points to the greatness of the American Republic. Bad Day we have elected the most liberal president ever. This may point to- great moral decay in our nation.We raise up men into office who reflect- own hearts. The eternal difference between right and wrong does not fluctuate and it is immutable. Truth does not change with a new President or with the policies or laws that Congress might pass. As Christians we have a responsibility to be light and salt, and stand for truth, regardless of popular opinion.I believe that the moral condition of the American people is a direct product of our religious faith, and that politics and morality is inevitably intertwined. Thus, the political structure ultimately rests on a religious foundation. The church has a responsibility to make God’s wisdom known to the world and powers of darkness. This will not be accomplished by rebuking the enemy, but by living godly, righteous lives. How we live opens or closes doors for Satan to afflict and rule over us over us through ungodly leaders. As we move further from God as a nation, God lifts His protecting hand from us. This makes room for the enemy to attack us. It could result in the judgment of God if we continue.The church must return to knowing God and knowing God’s ways, not just knowing about Him. The Church is not a sterile institution. It is a place where the power of God is to be encountered.The Church must learn how to contend for the faith. We have lost our witness to the world that God is a personal God who walks with us through life’s issues. Does the way we live our lives prove that God exists? Jude 3 says, “I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.” Amen!The Church must return to the love of God’s Word. We must again return to that place where we know that the Word of God is inerrant and infallible. Inerrant means that the Bible is free from any kind of error. Infallible means that the Bible is unfailingly certain in all matters of life and doctrine.Finally the Church must rend its heart before God. It is time for the church to practice a lifestyle of humility, prayer, worship and fasting. I believe that national crisis is the fruit of following the wrong god. God will allow us to reap the fruit that we sow, in order to draw us back to Him. Walking in the ways of the gods of this world brings decay, destruction, and death. The choice is ours to make. Proverbs 21:1 says, “The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes.” Amen!In this United States we have the- privilege of petitioning our local congressman and senators to affect change. We also have an even higher privilege of petitioning the King of all Kings, on behalf of those that God has put in place to rule over us.

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