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Walk for Invisible Children

By Joe Starkey



8:30 PM and the sun was mostly gone as green shirted posse members were on the lookout for straggler students from local colleges and high schools who had stopped what they were doing at 7 PM, gathered enough belongings to stay the night and started walking towards the safety of the parking lot {{more}} of the First Baptist Church at 301 Hickory Saturday night. A similar walk is made each night by many of the surviving children in Uganda just to escape being forced to join the Lord’s Resistance Army or be killed or raped. The Abilene walk was part of the Global Night Commute event held in over 130 US cities, New Zealand and Europe Kelly Shearon, a graduate assistant at Abilene Christian University went to the Sudan last summer after viewing the documentary on these Invisible Children. One Professor and 14 graduate students from ACU got to meet children rescued from the LRA. The LRA kills the parents and then takes the children to be brainwashed and serve as front line troops for their rebel army. This was has been going on for more than 19 years while not being noticed much by the rest of the world. The Abilene students participating were asked to write a letter to President Bush and to state senators asking them to help end the war in Uganda. Each student was also asked to create an art project for inclusion in a book to be produced by the Abilene group.

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