Waiting at a Green Light

By Jack Walker | April 1, 2013

It is our human nature to question just about anything and everything. Did the clerk give me the correct change? What shirt should I wear with these jeans? Why did she do that? And if you’re anything like me…Why God…Why… ? I was in my car the other day, waiting at a red light to turn so that I could proceed on my day’s usual routine and I began to grow irritated with the increasingly long period of time I was having to keep my foot on my break and just wait. It was someone else’s turn to go and I am naturally an impatient person to begin with. Then I began to question God . . . Why am I waiting this long? My faith is supported on the foundation that everything happens for a reason, in God’s perfect timing and for a purpose that HE has designed for my best interest, even if I have other brilliant plans for my life. So with the aforementioned pondering taking place I grew content; I was content waiting at a red light. Soon the light turned green and I was on my way again and the impatience and irritation had drifted and the sitting and waiting was nothing more than an afterthought. {{more}} Driving on the highway now my thoughts had gathered in a much more complex inquiry in my mind . . . Why hasn’t it happened yet FOR ME . . . God? Why don’t I have the career I have worked so hard for and studied countless hours for in college and logged hundreds of intern hours, essentially working for free only to still be waiting at another red light. Why don’t I have a trophy girlfriend that I can foresee a future with that loves and respects me? Why am I waiting at another red light? Why don’t I have the income I deserve -a byproduct of the job, I deserve- what’s with this old car and this lackluster room I’m renting in a not so nice part of town . . . ? Why am I waiting at another red light? Then it dawned on me; when I reverted to my usual -and sincerely genuine- answer to my questions: everything happens for a reason, and it’s all part of HIS plan for me. Right now I’m still learning and getting better and sharpening and toning all my abilities so that when that job is offered to me, I can confidently perform all the required duties of that position and perform them well. I will have done enough of the footwork that when any sort of obstacle presents itself I will conquer the dilemma with grace and success. Why . . . ? Because everything happens for a reason. And it was all part of HIS plan for me. As far as the girlfriend goes . . . Maybe I’m not ready yet for a relationship, maybe I need to focus on building a future for myself right now and get where I would like to be in my career so that if HE ever sees fit for me to have a family I am able to provide for them. Even further, perhaps I’m not spiritually fit to accommodate the emotional requirements that a female needs me to accommodate. Especially if all of my time and energy is still going into distancing myself in the right direction of a steady and reliable occupation that provides security and the prestige to maintain a contentment and financial rock to carry me through to a healthy retirement and provide for my family along the way. And then when we look at my income; humility is always a principle virtue to gain from. Apparently I’m not ready for those big checks just yet, whether or not I’ve busted my tail going the extra mile to get them. And I could definitely be a lot wiser, less impulsive -and more mature- when it comes to spending some of my money. Sure I pay the pills first and make sure I have my monthly essentials, but where is the rest of my cash going . . . ? A savings account or the Texas Lottery? Exactly . . and as I learn from these experiences and grow up from a financial responsibility standpoint- I’m sure that HE will make sure I get exactly what I deserve, besides . . . HE has always provided for me thus far anyways . . .   So now that I really examine the situation, I’m not waiting at all, but quite the contrary: fully immersed in chasing the dream. And when you read that last sentence, the word chasing is an action verb in a present tense: considerably far from the words wait or waiting, which would imply that I was taking a passive disposition toward my future. With that being said, if you didn’t quite catch where I was going with the message in this column, I hope I’ve made it very clear. Not just that everything indeed happens for a reason, but if you’re wondering why certain things happen in your life the same way that I do and even question God, hopefully you can apply the same standpoint I’ve emphasized here and feel much more optimistic. Because when it comes to our lives and the journey that HE is walking with us upon . . . The light is never red. It’s just a matter of keeping on and keeping faith. So if you’re discontent, irritable and impatient because you think you’ve been waiting so long, take your foot off the break and hit the gas already! Because you’ve been waiting at a green light.