I am pleased to announce that I am a candidate for Judge of the 104th District Court of Taylor County.  All who believe in the Constitution and rule of law should vote in the 2020 primary election.  Vote February 18-28 or March 3.  Anyone who resides in Taylor County can vote.  I hope readers of this newspaper who reside in Taylor County will vote for Blake Norvell.  KEEP WEST TEXAS GREAT! 

Blake Norvell

 The Brother’s Keeper (2019) movie tells the story of the Abilene Eagles football state championship in 2009.  Milo Gibson, Laurence Fishburne, and Glenn Morshower star in the movie, which emphasizes the lives and struggles of the football players.  In the movie, I play an attorney.  My cousin from American Idol, Bucky Covington, plays an assistant football coach for the team opposing Abilene High (the Cedar Hill Longhorns).  Growing up, I always dreamed of becoming a lawyer and also acting in a movie.  The Brother’s Keeper movie has transformed both my childhood dreams into reality:  I am acting as an attorney in the movie.  America is a great country where dreams come true.  Vote for Blake Norvell for Judge of the 104th District Court. 

Abilene is my hometown.  I grew up in Abilene and am proud to be from Abilene.  “Abilene, Abilene, prettiest town I’ve ever seen!”  I am a graduate of Abilene Christian High School (ACHS).  Go Panthers!  At Abilene Christian High School, I was Student Body President.  At Abilene Christian High School, I graduated as Salutatorian.  I practice law in Abilene and feel a strong connection to this community.  I am also a graduate of Southern Methodist University (SMU), where I graduated at the very top of my class, and the UCLA School of Law (one of the nation’s leading law schools).  At UCLA Law, I was managing editor of the Entertainment Law Review and a member of Moot Court.  Living in large cities, Dallas and Los Angeles, makes one appreciate Abilene and all it has to offer, such as friendly, genuine people, a strong sense of community, and no traffic.  I lived in Austin while working for Governor Rick Perry in the Enterprise Fund bringing businesses to Texas.  Austin is a great city for music.  (I sang “Amarillo by Morning” and other songs in Jackson Hole, Wyoming).  While in Austin, Governor Rick Perry said: “I am confident that Blake will build upon the credentials he has amassed during his college years and prove to be an exemplary attorney.”  You as voters can prove Governor Perry correct by giving me the chance to be an exemplary Judge.   

My father, the late James D. Norvell, was born in Abilene and grew up in Abilene.  He graduated Abilene High in 1957.  He practiced law in Abilene for 30 years at Norvell & Associates.  Prior to his legal career, he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served in the Navy for approximate 20 years (Lieutenant Commander), including tours of duty in Vietnam.  He was the Republican Party Chairman in Abilene.  He hosted the radio show The Legal Beagle, on which I appeared many times as a guest.  My roots and connections to Abilene run deep.

My legal experience is broad.  This is an ideal characteristic for a Judge.  I have experience with civil, family, criminal, and appellate law, both in Texas and outside of Texas.  I have handled complex litigation, including entertainment law litigation.  I have argued cases to various appellate courts.  For example, November 2019, I argued a case to the Dallas Court of Appeals involving the validity of a $3,500,000 judgment.  December 2019, I argued a case to the Eastland Court of Appeals.  I will argue a case to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans in March 2020.  My background and experience as an attorney are ideal for a Judge.  I also received many honors and awards as an attorney, including recently being inducted as a Life Fellow into the Texas Bar Foundation (which recognizes the top 1/3 of 1% of Texas attorneys).  

I have also published many articles on various legal topics, which is an important quality for a Judge.  For example, I published an article in a law journal at Yale entitled “The Constitution and the NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Program: A Fourth Amendment Violation?”  I also presented a TED Talk at SMU on this same topic for Founder’s Day.   I have published articles explaining the Second Amendment to the Constitution (i.e., the right to bear arms) and how it should be interpreted.  Speaking of guns, this reminds me of one of my favorite articles which I published: “Hunting with a Bird Dog: My Favorite Hobby.”  I published an article entitled “Trump’s Travel Ban and the Supreme Court” in September 2017 that correctly predicted, well in advance of the ruling, the Supreme Court would uphold President Trump’s travel ban.  I published an article entitled “Illegal Immigrants and Birthright Citizenship”in November 2015 outlining the law on this topic.  Approximately three years later, the Trump Administration reached a virtually identical legal conclusion.  A Judge must be able to research the law, understand it, and take a position on it.  I have that ability. 

I published an article entitled “Evolution:  Junk Science, Blasphemy” in July 2014.  Dr. Bob Hunter of Abilene Christian University, who was elected to the Texas House of Representatives for many years, enjoyed the article.  In fact, he liked my article so much he placed it in the historical archives at Abilene Christian University.  This is an honor.  I have known Dr. Bob Hunter for many years.   

I have written numerous articles pertaining to President Trump.  For example, in September 2015, after attending a Trump rally in Dallas, I wrote an article explaining that Donald Trump has the ability to win the presidency.  Recall, back in those days, the mainstream media was dictating that President Trump had virtually zero chance of winning the presidency.  My article said otherwise!  Since that time, I have written numerous articles explaining President Trump’s policies and defending President Trump against attacks from Robert Mueller and other such individuals from Washington, D.C.

I have been a good citizen of Abilene. I have served on the board for various civic and charity groups, such as Rotary Club and Kiwanis Club.  I am supportive of veterans. 

America needs judges with the courage and ability to understand and apply the Constitution.  America needs judges with the ability to understand statutes and apply those statutes.  America needs judges with the courage to strike a law that is unconstitutional but with the humility to refrain from holding a law unconstitutional because it is against the personal opinion of the judge.  America needs judges who will spend the time to learn the facts of a case and then correctly apply the law to that case.  I will bring all of that to the bench if elected Judge.      If you love God, like Trump, and believe in the rule of law, then vote Blake Norvell for Judgeof the 104th District Court.  I encourage you to vote this February 18-28 or March 3. 

Blake C. Norvell is an Abilene attorney and mediator (UCLA Law: J.D.; SMU: B.A., summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa; Member, Texas Bar College; Life Fellow, Texas Bar Foundation).  His articles have been published in law journals throughout the country, including Yale, USC, and Temple.


Political Advertisement for Blake Norvell.  Approved by Blake Norvell


  1. Sarah on February 18, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    I have a question before I vote..I am having trouble trying to find a way to contact you, to ask my question.

    • Floyd Miller on February 21, 2020 at 4:32 pm

      Are you trying to contact Blake Norvell or the editor of the paper?

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