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Veterans Day Parade & Art Walk

By Joe Starkey



I’ve always thought that on Veterans Day; the troops and Veterans should get to sit on the side of the street and all the people who never served march for us. {{more}}But that hasn’t happened yet. Instead the veterans of our wars and active duty military give up their day off and go march in a parade. Some of the units march as if they are doing a pass in review for their Commanding General and others enjoy the walk while greeting the crowd. The VFW floats and trailers have a mix of World War 2 veterans and small children that help people remember their neighbors who have served and sacrificed.Hardin-Simmons six white horses completed the parade. One of the horses was walking with the Rider but was keeping up. The parade had old cars well kept up and a vast demonstration of Chevrolet Corvettes.After the parade I went to the Center for Contemporary Arts and enjoyed the show. There was an excellent photography show back in the photography area and the members of the museum had large pieces of work on display.

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