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USA Classic

By Joe Starkey



If you love basketball and did not attend the Classic between Texas and Louisiana on 22 July at McMurry – you missed a great game. Texas scored first but Louisiana soon built a 12-2 lead. Coach Terrance Crips of Abilene was using a two platoon system with his Louisiana All Stars and his first 5 were {{more}} dominant in the first three quarters. However, Texas Coach Lyle Leong, Sr. was wisely using single substitutions to find a match-up that would allow Texas to scratch back time and again when the second 5 was in for Louisiana. This continuing search for the best combination helped Texas finally succeed in gaining a small lead and then holding on for a tie in regulation. Their comeback was sparked by Lyle Leong, Jr. of Abilene making 2 of his 4 steals in the 4th quarter breaking down efforts by Louisiana to stage another of their big runs. James Guyton of Odessa was almost unstoppable in this quarter which balanced with his earlier play earned him the Player of the Game award. Texas dominated the overtime scoring 20 points to Louisiana’s 7 to win the game. A.J. Hunt of Centerville, La won the 3 point shooting contest at half-time with Lyle Leong, Jr. coming close with 12 baskets. 6”5” Elijah Milsap of Grambling, La won the Slam Dunk contest with an amazing dunk after leaping over the head of 6’6” Caleb Washington of Franklin, LA

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