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Unsung Hero Happy Valentine’s Day to two happily married couples

By Floyd Miller



February is the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. We are featuring two couples who have been Sweethearts for 69 and 65 years respectively.

Otis and Roberta Guthrie were married December 25th, 1952 in Atlanta, Georgia. They are natives of Atlanta and knew each other through church. Their parents were members of the Church of Christ.

Otis served 24 years in the Airforce. Roberta has been a homemaker for most of their marriage she did work a while at General Dynamics and Cooper High School.

They have 2 children, 4 grandchildren and a lot of great grandchildren.

Otis hobbies are Golf and Chess. Roberta is a member of the Red Hatters. They are also members of the Baker Heights Church of Christ where Otis served as a deacon for many years. Otis and Roberta are among the best dressed people in Abilene.

I asked them how did they pick December 25th to get married Otis said no particular reason.  For Otis and Roberta, I guess we could say it was their gift to each other.  On December 25th they will celebrate this special gift for the 69th time.

If you thought that Otis and Roberta’s wedding date was unique wait until you read Carlos and Joyce story.

Carlos and Joyce Talley threw caution to the wind and got married on Friday April 13th, 1956.

Carlos grew up in Barstow, Texas which is near Pecos. He had no running water, and no electricity. According to Carlos the only thing that was plentiful in Barstow was dirt and rattle snakes.

Joyce grew up in East Hampton, New York.  She would later move to Houston and go to work as a Hostess with Trans Texas Airways.  After Carlos completed his military service, he went to work for Trans Texas Airways in El Paso.  One evening beautiful Joyce flew in to El Paso and Carlos who was unloading planes took notice.

After dating for a while Carlos told Joyce bring your wedding gown the next time you come to El Paso and we will get married.  Joyce borrowed her cousins wedding gown and headed back to El Paso.

When she arrived back in El Paso, they founded out that you had to wait 3 days to get married after getting a license in Texas.  They were letting nothing get in the way of love so they drove to Las Cruses, New Mexico where you could get your license and get married the same day.

After getting their license they were driving around town and spotted a Presbyterian church. Joyce who is Presbyterian said, I want to get married in that church. She and Carlos go into the church but can find no one. The phone rings and Carlos answer it, the woman on the other end ask who are you? Carlos proceeds to tell her he’s at the church and wants to get married. The woman tells him that her husband is the Priest. Carlos and Joyce were married at 7 pm that evening and Joyce flew back to Houston the next day.

Carlos and Joyce have two sons and two grandchildren. Carlos worked for the airlines for 32 years. He and Joyce also operated their own travel agency in Sweetwater for 13 years. After Carlos and Joyce married, she resigned, at that time spouses could not work for the same airline. The Talley’s have traveled all over the world. When their sons were young, they traveled with their parents.

Carlos and Joyce go to the West Texas Rehab three days a week for exercise and also spends some time on their farm about 30 miles from Abilene.

Please join me in Congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Otis Guthrie and Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Talley. We hope they have an enjoyable Valentine Day.

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