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Unity Church Burning Bowl Ceremony 2007

By Joe Starkey



A small group gathered New Years Eve at Unity Church of Christianity to Burn the Bowl. This is a three part ceremony that goes the same direction as New Year Resolutions but takes it farther and deeper.First comes the Burning Bowl. Each person decides their “denial” – not something you deny but some aspect of your life that you will stop giving power in your life. It can be state of health, a relationship or even an aspect of your job. This is formally written down on a special piece of paper in red ink You take your paper, folded however you feel comfortable, to the alter where it is given “some of God’s sweetness and you light it and place the burning paper symbolizing those circumstances in your life that you have decided not to allow to have any more power in your life into the bowl where it is completely consumed.The next is a two part success covenant with yourself which is sealed in an envelope addressed to yourself and dated in the place of the stamp with the date you wish it to be mailed back to you. You are the only person to ever see this letter. Part one state what you wish God to help you achieve in the next year. This can be any desire you have for the coming year. Part two states what you will immediately get busy doing for God. “I will go to a church each week, I will walk an hour a day, I will ………………..”This is a year of new beginnings and all of the churches of Abilene and the Big Country wish you the very best year you can have.

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