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Trent United Methodist Church Breaks Ground for a New Church Building

By Joe Starkey



Methodist Superintendant Rev. Ava Berry opened her sermon by remembering that “the phone rang at 5:13 AM on June 13th, 2007 and those calls are never good.” This one was to tell her the Trent Church was burning. As she walked up the street to the fiercely burning building, Pastor Rex Mauldin met her with the words “It’s just a building – it’s not the church” He repeated those words to her many times until they rang in her head as she made a scheduled trip to the panhandle and finally brought her home late that night. Those words finally comforted her and she managed to sleep that night.Now, a little more than six months, she returned to help the church break ground for a new building on January 27th, 2008. With some insurance and much help from many friends and churches throughout the Big Country, Trent United Methodist Church has raised $437,000 which is barely enough to build a new building. However, they still need at least $75,000 to make that building a church. They need new pews, a pulpit and choir loft, a sound system and in general – all those specialty items that make a building into a church building. Donations may be sent to the Trent Bank, care of the Trent UMC Rebuilding Fund in Trent, TX.Rev. Berry opened the ceremony of breaking ground by announcing “This is the Day of new beginnings.” First Rev. Berry broke ground as the District Superintendant, then Pastor Muldin and civic officials took their turn. The friendship of a small town became apparent as the next group was the pastors from all of the other churches in Trent and some from neighboring towns. The Building Committee was told their work was not done as they also turned a spade of earth to symbolize both the work they have done and will do. Then members of the Trent Church of Christ and the Trent Baptist Church joined the members as all broke ground dedicated to the service of the whole community.A delicious dinner was served at the cafeteria of the new Trent School. For many, it was not the lasagna and fresh bread sticks that drew them but a chance to see their new school. It was noticed that none left without a full plate.

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