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Trent UMC Rebuilt, Sanctified and Dedicated

By Joe Starkey



My church burned on June 26th, 2007. OUR church from the Big Hearts of the Big Country was both Sanctified and Dedicated on 9 November 2008 a bare sixteen and one/half months later. {{more}} The churches and people of the Big Country donated the funds necessary to rebuild Trent United Methodist Church and completely refurbish it. These were Catholic, Baptist and all those in between and outside that came forward and made it possible. We thank you.We give special thanks to Rev. Rex Mauldin who was the driving force behind first our fellowship hall finished shortly before the fire and not damaged and then to step up to lead the drive for the rebuilding. Rex retired as our minister shortly before November 9th, because of losing most of his vision related to a stroke. We wish him and Letha well in their retirement.Special Music. Photo by Joe Starkey This is a lily in stain glass. Photo by Joe Starkey This is a beautiful cross in Trent UMC. Photo by Joe Starkey

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