Trayvon Martin- Walking While Black

By Floyd Miller | April 1, 2012

I have seen a lot of injustices in my life time. I must tell you that the cold blood killing of TreyvonMartin hurts deeply. It is very sad however it is not the first time a BlackMale teenager died in America because what he did did not look right. I guessthe most famous grave belongs to Emmit Till who was killed because he whistledat a white woman and that just didn’t look right. It was enough to get him beatbeyond recognition and thrown off of a bridge tied to a large fan to insurethat his body would not resurface. {{more}} You might be looking at the title of this article and saythat I’m playing the race card. That would be inaccurate.Zimmerman played therace card on February 26th when he gunned down 17 year old A & B Honor Rollstudent, Trayvon Martin. In Zimmerman’s own words you can actually hear a racialslur. You may need to google CNNZimmerman racial slur to actually hear it. Zimmerman said that he looked”suspicious” because he was wearing ahoodie. Who made Zimmerman the”Fashionsta” and the judge of what looked right and was appropriate? I think it was wearing the Hoodie and beingBlack that Zimmerman could not deal with.Zimmerman did what most cowards do he picked on somebody smaller than hewas. Zimmerman 28 years old and 250 lbs.and carrying a gun ran down a 17 year old 140 lb. teenage that had Skittles andice tea. Please note he ran him down,before he gunned him down. How could that be self- defense? According to apress release released by the City of Sanford Zimmerman was in his un-marked truck when he first spotted Martin. It appears that Zimmerman was truly theaggressor. Why did he get out of histruck? Zimmerman’s attorney is saying that it was his client thatwas getting beat up and was screaming for help. We must remember that Zimmermanis NOT dressed as a police officer. Howwas Martin to know who this guy was or what he wanted? We will never hear from Martin but it wouldnot surprise me if this Zimmerman fellow looked suspicious to him, it would notsurprise me if he thought that Zimmerman was acting strange. In situations like this you normally have twochoices fight or flight. What would youhave done if you started running and someone continues to pursue you? Why wasZimmerman chasing him he didn’t see him do anything illegal.Trayvon was notendangering anyone’s life. What’s with the racial slur that he used? Go to and listen for yourself. Why is he still free? What was so outstanding about this manthat the policemen did not arrest him? Was he so perfect that the policedepartment did not feel it was necessary to test his blood alcohol level? Thegreater question is, is this the way the police department handles all of theirhomicide investigations? The departmentsaid that the “Stand Your Ground law” kept them from arresting this guy. I don’t think this shooting comes anywhereclose to that law. If that is the case every suspicious looking person thatruns from another citizen can be shot. I believe that Zimmerman would have been arrested if he hadshot the teenage son of a prominent citizen of the City of Sanford. I alsothink that the policemen would have taken a little more time to do some thoroughinvestigative work. They would haveprobably done a background check and founded out that he was accused of assaultinga police officer. This is not the firsttime this department looked the other way. I think the whole department needsto go through a program that’s being used in Abilene. It is CUAD, CitizensUnited Against Disproportionality I DO NOT believe that everyone is a racist, in fact I thinkthat most people are not, however I believe that Walking While Black inSanford, Florida maybe hazardous to your health. It certainly was for TrayvonMartin.