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Together Forever conference to be held in Abilene

By Floyd Miller



Leo Godzich, founder and president of NAME, the National Association of Marriage Enhancement and host of the international marriage conference will be in Abilene, Texas on May 15th through May 17th. The purpose of Mr. Godzich’s visit is to help all people in their marriages, but particular those that are having difficulties. Godzich has written several books one is titled Men are from dirt and women are from Men. This seminar could draw as many as 800 people to the Abilene area.{{more}} I visited with Mr. Carl Brenner, he and his wife, Facial, are in the marriage ministry at the New Life Temple Assembly of God the church sponsoring Mr. Godzich visit to Abilene. They spend time counseling individuals and couples. I asked Mr. Brenner what is one of the most difficult situations he had seen. Without giving names, he said they are working with a couple that is separated, had divorce papers but have since torn them up. They have decided to work on their marriage. Brenner said “that it’s amazing that men and woman don’t see themselves as different. Sometimes the women want the men to be like them, and vice versa, the men want the women to be like them” Brenner said “that they try to make people see their differences and appreciate those differences.” Brenner continued his conversation by saying, “the marriage covenant was between God before it was between man and woman”. He said that “when people are having problems, they should take a few minutes and concentrate on how they could solve the problem instead of perpetuating the problem”. Other individuals at New Life Church that work in this particular ministry is Jacinto and Mary Chavira, they are able to address the needs of the Spanish speaking population. The seminar is going to be held Friday, May 15, from 7:00 to 9:00pm, Saturday, May 16, from 9:00 to 4:00, and Sunday, May 17, 11:00 to 12:30. The fee for the seminar is $50 per couple. Childcare will be provided on Saturday at $5 per child. Individuals can register on line at or call 325-676-2121.

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