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Tis The Season

By Joe Starkey



Yes, Virginia – Thanksgiving is over and we have started decorating our homes and businesses for Christmas. But that’s not all that is happening. Today in churches all over Abilene was the ceremony commonly called “Blessings of the Greens” or the beginning of Advent.{{more}}While I call Trent United Methodist home, today I went with my wife and daughter to Unity Church of Christianity for their service. Music Director Edwin led a duet to guitar while the participants filed in. Unity appeals to a widely varied group so there was an elderly single man, three generations of the women in my family, the Spangler family with two girls from China and a mix of other folks. First the wreath was laid. Then came Mistletoe and another green were blessed and placed under the tree decorated with doves. A large white candle went in the center and then 4 candles were placed around the wreath. I have been going to this ceremony for most of my 63 years and still cannot tell you the meaning of each piece even though the participants read that meaning to those present each year. Maybe I have not really been present yet. Last, the first advent candle is lit.Unity Church of Christianity is having their Annual “Lunch Box Dinners” on Saturday, December 12th. Everything is takeout. For $6.00 you get ½ pound of all homemade Beef Brisket, Home Baked Cheesy Cheddar Biscuits, BBQ Green Beans, Deep South Red Potato Salad and Banana Pudding. They are located at 2824 Barrow Street, Abilene across the street from Madison Middle School just two blocks south of 27th and Barrow. Please Call 325-698-6489 to purchase tickets. There will be 150 dinners made.Mrs. Spangler with Jade and Gia Edwin Leading Duet

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