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Three individuals named I-CAN Heroes

By Floyd Miller



On December the following individuals were presented plaques for being Heroes in the city of Abilene. They were Edward Sheppard and Floyd and Marilyn Miller, the first couple to receive the award.

The awards were supposed to be presented in April but were delayed a couple times by the pandemic. Mayor Williams and Pastor Andrew Penns presented the award to Mr. Sheppard and Mayor Williams and Pastor Iziar Lankford presented the award to the Miller’s.

Pastor Penns, a Board Member of I-Can and Sheppard’s minister said “I was honored to present the award to Edward.  He is doing a great job in the church and in the community, He continues to show progress as he works with ICAN and engages with the community. Penns said that Sheppard was one of the names that immediately came to mind for the award.”

In accepting the award Edward Sheppard said “I appreciate being recognized for the I_CAN award. I was not looking for anything I was just trying to help the kids in the community. I was brought up to help people anyway I could.” Sheppard serves as a deacon at Valley View Missionary Baptist Church. Sheppard is retired and when he is not doing community work he can be found in his office on an area lake where the fish are biting.

In speaking at the ceremony for the Miller’s Pastor Lankford who is President of I-CAN said “This is a recognition long overdue the Miller’s had done major things in the city and they are the first couple to receive the award.”

Mayor Williams said “I would like to Thank You for what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do in the future.”

Marilyn Miller in accepting the award said “I Thank You for thinking about me. If there is anything else that you think I can do to help please let me know.  Marilyn is retired from Windham School District. She has also volunteered in AISD and with I-CAN. She is also a Co-Owner of the West Texas Tribune.

I was happy to receive the honor. It was an acknowledgement for Community work and Boards I have served on throughout the years. The highlight was really being honored with Marilyn. We do a lot of things together but many times she is in the background. I am grateful that we were recognized together.

I-CAN was the brainchild of the late Mrs. Gladys Abor. She was tired of seeing crime in her neighborhood. She approached some Community leaders and I-Can was formed.

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