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Three ACU freshmen accepted into UTHSCSA Dental School

By Sara Morris ACU Public Relations Coordinator



Each year, ACU freshmen have the opportunity to apply and gain early acceptance to the Dental School at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio. This past year, three ACU freshmen were selected to be a part of the Dental Early Acceptance Program.“In a typical year, we have one student accepted into this highly competitive Dental Early Acceptance Program,” says Dr. Charles Mattis, dean of ACU’s First Year Program and director of University Academic Advising and Career Development.{{more}}“The fact that we have had three students accepted this year speaks highly of our students and the rigorous learning community our faculty are creating at ACU.”John Covalt, Joseph Loh and Marissa Stewart were accepted into the program their freshman year, giving them the opportunity to go to the dental school during what would be their fourth year at ACU. Upon completion of their first year in dental school, they will be awarded with a Bachelor of Science degree from ACU.This has been a highly successful agreement between ACU and UTHSCSA for more than 20 years. ACU is one of 20 schools who participate in this dual-degree program.

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