They Don’t Want Me To…

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By Floyd Miller | January 1, 2006

As I talk with individuals about reaching their potential I am often told “they don’t want me to be successful”. I will not describe a specific “they” but I will list a few in a general sense. {{more}} It may be a co-worker, could be someone they attend church with, “they” could be old, young, different race, or a different political party.I am always amazed at the power “they” have over us. The way I see it, and my response to these individuals is, if “they” are not interested in my well being, why should I spend a lot of time worrying about that they think or don’t want.I don’t think most people are paying us as much attention as we may think, however I agree there maybe a few people that will have a different agenda than you. If you were in the market for a new car and you were visiting with a Ford salesman and a Chevrolet salesman, do you realize that neither one would want they other one to get the sale. The Republican’s don’t want the Democrats to win, the Democrats don’t want the Republican’s to win, and the Independent’s wish both of them would go away. They, the sportswriter didn’t want Vince Young to win the Heisman Trophy. USC didn’t want the Longhorns to win the National Championship. When Vince Young took the last snap of the game, 4 down and 5 with 19 seconds left on the clock, did he realize that USC didn’t want him to score? Do you think he really cared what they thought? Vince really didn’t have time to think about what others thought. Instead he focused on his goals and dreams.The point is we can’t control the thoughts of other people. We can only control our thoughts. God made each of us as individuals. We do not have to answer to “they”. They can only control if we give them permission to do so.