They Don’t Lack Knowledge They Lack Resources

 Tanya Riley – Keller Williams

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By Floyd Miller | January 29, 2006

The title of this article is taken from a line in Mr. Farrah Gray’s speech at the MLK Banquet. He used the line in explaining the plight of children growing up in projects or under difficult situations. “They don’t lack knowledge, they lack resources.” My Mother has a statement that ties in to Farrah’s quote. She has said, “It’s not a sin to be poor, but it can be inconvenient.” We live in a great community and I think our children are being helped through several organizations; Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, 4-H Clubs, etc., or through programs like Michelle Vanhorn’s “A Habitat For Learning”. Our children have resources that have not been tapped in some instances. I encourage each one who is reading this article to think about how you could help a child.When I arrived at my office this past Monday I noticed that one of my flowers was drooped over, it looked dejected and hopeless. I asked Sarelda to water it. In 30 minutes or less it began to perk up. The next time you see a child “drooped over”, has a look of sadness or hopeless on their face take a few minutes to show them some love and attention. They will perk up also.Remember they don’t lack knowledge, they lack resources.Floyd Miller is an elder in his church, a local investment professional, a civic leader, and President of the Abilene Black Chamber of Commerce.