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There Was This Football Game

By Joe Starkey



McMurry University hosted Hardin Simmons University in a football game. It was “Presentation Day” where juniors and seniors from high schools around the state. They toured the McMurry campus getting to meet students already attending, professors in the colleges they were interested in and even the Deans of the Colleges were available to answer questions about the academic programs. They had cookouts at various locations around the campus and were invited to that football game. They even got to go on the sidelines for a brief time before the game and meet the players as they left the field after pre-game warm ups.The field house opened up and a bunch of people starting walking towards the field dressed in swimsuits. Not something you see at every football game – even in Texas where it can still be warm in November. Curiosity prevailed and I walked to that end of the field. Question asked and answered. This was the McMurry Swim team and they go to as many of the other McMurry teams’ events as possible to support the other teams. I forgot to ask how many football players show up for their swim meets but I would hope there would be a good number.Then I noticed the band. Turned out the low brass professor at McMurry is also the music director for one of the area HS bands and had invited them to come out to the game and play with the McMurry band for the day. So there was a mix of uniforms and just plain High School clothes. They still sounded good.Then the home team announcer drew our attention to the opponent’s stands. The HSU crowd released a large number of BLUE Balloons to celebrate a positive test for the health of Mrs. Susan Keeling, Wife of the HSU Coach.McMurry University hosted Hardin Simmons University in a football game. It was a great day.

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