The Three Little Germs By Don Swinney

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By Don Swinney | September 1, 2014

There once was a man who was ailing in health so he decided to go see a doctor. In an effort to diagnose his problem the doctor asked him some questions; one of which was “How about your bowel movements? Do they act regularly?” The man replied, “Regular! Every morning at 6:19 I am on the throne! I don’t mean 6:18 or 6:20, I mean at 6:19!The doctor decided to give him a shot of penicillin, while he was preparing the shot. Inside the man, there were three little germs that were responsible for his problem. When they heard about the penicillin, and knowing that would be sure death for them, the first germ said, “I’m going down to his toe. Surely the penicillin can’t get me down there.” The second germ said, “I’m going up to his brain. Surely the penicillin can’t find me up there.” The third little germ said, “You guys are crazy. I’m taking the 6:19 out of here.”