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The Third Season

By Joe Starkey



Texas football coaches live and die by their three seasons. First season is played against non-conference teams and is only important when the coach comes up to be rehired on their total win/loss record.Second season is District {{more}} play and these games decide if the coach and team get to go on the third season. The third season brings more accolades and recognition to team and hopefully a raise for the coaches. Abilene High and Cooper qualified for the District playoffs but the Cougars dropped their first playoff game in a hard fought battle. The Wylie Bulldogs have three games to go to the State Championship. The Abilene Eagles are four games away. Both won their first two playoff games. Wylie defeated an almost perennial opponent the first week when they traveled to the metroplex to play Decatur. Abilene High faces a similar opponent this week when they play Southlake Carroll. All four teams know that most years, the road to State will go through these particular matchups.While most images you see on the news or in the newspaper are running backs or ends catching and running the football, never forget that without the guys down in the trenches on the offensive and defensive lines these teams would have never reached the third season.

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