The Ten Commandments – Are They Relevant for Today?

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By Dale Miller | October 14, 2019

September 8,2019 9 pm

By Dale Miller Peer Counselor Abilene, Texas

            With all the social media available today it seems that getting the Word of God out in something more than a blurb or blip or sound byte, can be a challenge. Often folks just don’t agree with what your opinion is or even to be polite to consider what you are saying before writing back and being a “virtual bully” which often times turns into the real thing. How does a parent teach their children who see and understand life “concretely” and tend to believe their “friends” rather than their parents? It is a complex problem that families have to struggle with everyday. After my niece was “cyber-attacked” by a bully I decided to take action. I need a set of rules to teach even the very young, on any electronic device, that are time tested, easy to learn, easy to remember.

            With due respect to any other form of law, I chose The Ten Commandments. After all, these have been around for about 3,000 years and several different cultures from around the world have some component included in both their civil laws as well as their criminal laws. So let’s see how these will work for today in our “electronic world”.

            I have added 5 more to be discussed along with The Original Ten. These are timely and should be effective if every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher, friend, or even a polite stranger in any church, bible study group, book club, or any form of social media will teach or talk about them. After you understand- tell a friend and pass it on….I have taken these from The Holy Bible where I first learned them, and I have included them from The Aramaic Targum. I am using the Names from the original language of Aramaic and Hebrew so you will learn a new thing today. God, The Creator of Heaven and Earth has a Name…Jehovah – pronounce it this way ”Ye-ho-vah” and you can abbreviate His Name in English or Spanish like this: YHVH or YHWH.

Commandment 1: “I AM Jehovah, you shall have no other gods beside ME”. After some careful thinking, there are a lot of gods out there to choose from, they all have different rules to go by. This seems easy to do. Pick one and follow “it/him”

Commandment 2: “You shall not make graven images.” Do not bow down to them or worship them I Jehovah am an avenger, recording the guilt of wicked fathers (ancestors) and rebellious children to the third and fourth generation of them that hate ME but reserving mercy and good for thousands of generations of those who show love to ME by keeping MY commandments”. Hmm…not bad. When I show Jehovah I love Him by keeping His commandments I am loved and protected? I can sure use that !

Commandment 3: “Do not use The Name of Jehovah in vain.” I must say that the word “vain” is different than I what I remember. Here it means to “belittle”, or use His Name to “tell a lie”,

Commandment 4: “Remember The Sabbath Day Of Jehovah to sanctify it”. I had to look this up too ! “Sanctify” means to “keep clean” or honorable. This special day is to rest from work and to focus on HIM. Since God is a Spirit, we can’t “go see Him” like we can grandma. This works a little differently. We have to stop and think about who HE is and what HE does for us, give HIM thanks. We make our spirit “synchronize” with HIS by thinking on HIS things. This Commandment has a positive consequence- when we connect with HIM, HE hears us and blesses us with those things we may need.

Commandment 5 : “Honor your father and your mother that your days may be multiplied on the land which Jehovah gives to you”. This generation is no different than times past. More children have more than 2 parents and it seems they all may be hard to keep track of. So just “how” does one honor your parents no matter how many you have, or even if they have died? The solution is to keep honoring God. By keeping HIS ways you create your character with positive benefits, having a good name. When folks hear your name or your family name, they can associate it with honesty, integrity and trust.

Commandment 5A: Parents- honor your children. As equal heirs in The Kingdom of God. Treat them with respect. Provide for them as best you can. Leaving them an inheritance of a good Name.

Commandment 5B: Honor your own life. Be of good courage ! Do not waste your life. Be all you can be! Go above and beyond what you think you can do! Do not allow someone else to affect you to do harm to yourself. Know yourself, know your skills, and talents. You are loved, very much. God says to you, “For I know the plans I have for you, to do you good all your days”!

Commandment 6: “You shall not be murderers nor be companions with murderers, do not teach one another to murder, you shall not be a murderous people. Do not be murdered”. This includes being “mischievous” in a harmful manner. This is called “malicious mischief” and you could hurt yourself or someone else.

Commandment 6A: Do not harm the innocent. Do not harm them financially, physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or socially. Any innocent person no matter how young or old. This is the first commandment with a negative consequence. Most of us believe in angels of different job descriptions and various sizes. There are angels of the warrior class called a “cherubim”, his job description is called “The Sword”. His job is to destroy those that murder or cause murder.

Commandment 7: “Do not be an adulterer, nor companions with adulterers, do not teach one another to be adulterers, do not be an adulterous people.” Seems simple enough, control yourself in your sex life. This is also about breaking a vow you have made to be faithfully committed in a relationship. When one breaks that vow, the next warrior class angel emerges… his name is “Death”, Yes, you guessed it! He looks just like the painted skulls or that skeleton, dark cloak and scythe that you cut hay with. It looks like God is very serious about this one too.

Commandment 8: “Do not be thieves, nor companions with thieves, do not teach one another to be a thief. Do not be a thieving people.” Thieving includes doing something in secret to defraud someone, as well as kidnapping-stealing a person to sell. This sin releases another warrior class angel called “Famine”. He continually takes away food, jobs, and prosperity.

Commandment 9: “Do not testify falsely. Do not tell lies about one another or report something that isn’t true. Do not teach one another to testify falsely, nor be companions with those who do. Do not be a people that testifies falsely”. Okay, here is yet another one of those angels that has a strange job description, this one is “Drought”. We know this as “no rain”, “dryness”, “extreme heat”, “utter waste”.

Commandment 10: “Do not covet. Do not covet anything that is your neighbors, do not teach each other to covet, nor be companions with those who covet”. “Covet” means “to take by force”, “wound”, “be greedy”. This last consequence is something we see every day and don’t know why it happens to us or someone we know… it is a 3-pronged consequence. 1). the government breaks in on the possessions of men to take by force 2). the wealthy are made poor, (the wealthy make jobs) 3). slavery comes on the world. There is all kinds of slavery- physical, financial, socially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally.

10A : You shall be Just. Honor the Laws of Jehovah God, and the laws of your land, For this shows your character, and your name. Be fair when considering someone else. Be merciful in your opinions. There will be “those” who will attack you for being “just” in your consideration. Know that they are out there, and be ready for them. Keep in mind “they” come from a different culture than you do and they do not know any better. Respect is expressed differently in every country in the world, you be just, so Your Name shines brightly. God will help you ,when you are “just” for you reflect HIS character.

10B : You shall love MY Creations. “Respect and love and care for all the beings and creatures and plants for these are a benefit I have provided for you”. Care for your pets, and farm animals, the plants that provide food and clothes for you. Keep your land or house and yard or apartment, business clean and neat.

Let us continue to encourage each other.

            The times are upon us where neighbor will fight neighbor, family against family. Yeshuah, pronounce this Ye-shoe-uh, Jesus hebrew name, says that this is how we “love” one another, practicing the two great commandments of Yeshuah – love God with all your heart, love your neighbor as yourself. This includes our conduct on any social media. It is easy to hide behind a web page and be deceptive.

            The Commandments are given to us on two levels- personally and for government- city, county, state, country, world. When we see bad things happening around us now we can understand “why” they happened. Ask God to help you pray over all the things on your heart and be ready to obey His instructions as you learn them.             I leave you with this blessing: Jehovah bless you and keep you. Jehovah makes HIS face to shine on you and be gracious to you. Jehovah lifts up HIS countenance on you and make you whole and complete. Or as “Mr. Spock” from “Star Trek” would say: “Live long and prosper”!

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