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By | June 12, 2021

By: Floyd Miller

Juneteenth is being celebrated on a large scale in Abilene this year. This will be one of the most diverse celebrations in the history of Abilene.  All citizens of Abilene are encouraged to participate. The activities are as diverse as the individuals that will be attending. The activities kick off at 6:00 pm simultaneously at the Abilene Civic Center and Stevenson Park on June 18th and conclude on the 20th. A list of activities can be founded in this paper. The Juneteenth Celebration is being hosted jointly by the Abilene Black Chamber of Commerce, Cultural Business Network, Let us Breathe, and Patsy’s Heart.

I really think it is critical that neighbors get to know one another and the Juneteenth Celebrations in my opinion is a great place to start.

I have decided to run a lengthy article from that gives some history behind this holiday. I also have reprinted an article that appeared in the Texas Tribune concerning the Texas Legislature and their take on teaching history in the class room.

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