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The Rankin Twins

By Floyd Miller



Austin-based country duo The Rankin Twins. The girls will be coming through the area on Saturday, October 11 playing at Lytle Bend Ranch. The Rankin Twins debut single from their forthcoming EP due out in December, “Good Vibes,” just released on August 19 to “New and Noteworthy” placement on iTunes. Check out the accompanying music video, which exclusively premiered on Taste of Country on the same day: from an impeccable range of influences , Amy and April Rankin combine elements of country, bluegrass and tinges of pop with soulful vocals that come together effortlessly. They released their full-length debut Moonshine & Maybes in April 2013 to critical acclaim. Produced by Ken Tondre, Moonshine and Maybes was recorded in Austin, TX and features ten sublime tracks rife with twisting melody lines and impressive harmonies. For this release, The Rankin Twins enlisted a slew of talented players including David Grissom , Tommy Detamore , John Carroll , Tondre and more. “We really tried to play with different styles of songs for this album, all of which somehow represent us” explains Amy Rankin. From the straight-forward album opener “Wake Up,” to the heartfelt waltz “As The Music Plays,” Moonshine & Maybes takes the listener on a musical odyssey. The irresistable catchiness of “Ain’t Buyin’ It” is destined to be a hit, while album closer “Rain” displays The Rankin Twins’ pensive side. Meanwhile, the latest single, “Holdin’ Pattern” which features Drew Womack on vocals has been getting great reception at radio.Known for their high-energy live shows, The Rankin Twins have opened for major headliners including Pat Green, Josh Abbott and Roger Creager. They will tour extensively throughout the year including stops in Chicago and various cities in Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas. For all tour dates, go to Amy and April Rankin, or “Number 1” and “Number 2” as they sometimes jokingly call themselves, grew up in a small rural town on the southern coast of Texas with friends and family as their practice audiences. They discovered their love of creating music together, so after college graduation and a brief stint with desk jobs, the sisters realized they couldn’t escape the reality of their fate and quickly began their musical journey. However, the ladies’ resolve was tested almost immediately when Amy had to undergo unexpected brain surgery to remove a tumor. The optimism and faith that came from this experience has buried itself firmly into the foundation of their music. Amy explains, “I think the obstacles we’ve overcome help us to be able to channel our experiences, love, doubts and fears into our music. We make an attitude choice daily to make sure we stay positive.

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