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The Power of Money and the Internet

By Anynmous



There are niches in every industry, from dating to weight loss to financial information. . Everyone wants information about how to lose twenty pounds, make a million dollars or find the love of their life. They need to know how to do one or all of those things and they are often willing to pay top dollar to learn. {{more}}Why do people turn to the internet for information products though? There are a lot of reasons including: 1. It is convenient. You are on the computer right now, aren’t you? Either sitting at home or at the office and you are using the internet probably to do a dozen things anyway. Why shouldn’t one of those things be learning a new skill or gaining new knowledge? 2. You can work at your own pace and on your own time. Going to business seminars or taking courses at the local business school requires that you pay huge tuitions or admission fees. You have to go on their time table, not when you have the time. You have to pay attention and focus- whether you are interested in this portion or not- you might miss the information you are really there to get. If you buy information products online, you download and read them at your own discretion. You can even get up in the middle of the night and read a portion while sitting in your flannel pajamas. Try that at a business seminar! 3. The internet is an ever growing commodity. There are less and less of those business seminars to go to anymore. Everyone is using the internet to cut down on expense and to free up their time and energies for other pursuits. It is just as easy to assign everyone to check out a webinar, than it is to try to coordinate dozens of people from multiple locations- and far more cost effective. 4. The information that you can get is endless. Where you would be stuck with one or two lessons from a seminar or one course from the business school, you can have access to literally thousands if not millions of informational sites on the internet. In fact if you search the words “informational products” you would probably find no less than a couple thousand entries. The way that we do and view business is changing. The internet is not a means of finding random facts or for entertainment anymore. It is instead a very powerful business tool that can help you to build, grow and nurture your business venture whatever it may be. Think of how much you do on the computer now: you shop, pay bills, talk to friends and possibly even work from home. Doesn’t it make sense to put that computer to work for yourself as well? Tom DalyGo and check out

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