The Positive Force: Going Home

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By Floyd Miller | August 1, 2011

The phrase”I’m going home,” has special meaning to most people. This year the phrase, “I’m going home,” is not only special for me but it’s a high honor.One evening my secretary transferred a call to me and on the line was Andrew Rice from Hallettsville, Texas. I was glad to hear from him, but also surprised, since I had not talked with him in many years. {{more}}Let me say a few words about Andrew before I tell you why he called. Andrew Rice played in the first AFL-NFL World Championship game. He was a LT with the Kansas City Chiefs. They played against the Packers, and this game would later be referred to as the first Super Bowl. On the same day that the “Super Bowl” was being played January 15th, 1967 my baby brother was born. My parents told us we could name him. We named him Andrew Milton in honor of Andrew Rice and our dad Floyd Milton.Andrew Rice is the President of the Hallettsville Colored High School reunion Committee. He called and invited me to be this year’s Keynote Speaker. I gladly accepted the invitation.Yes, I started school at Hallettsville Colored School. We would later move into a new school that was named after two black educators. It was called Stevens-Mayo. As I reflect on those days, I can say that it was a unique and wonderful experience. It was wonderful because my classmates and I had loving nurturing teachers. They prepared us for a world that was judging more on the color of the skin, rather than the content of the character. For the first 11 years of my schooling all of my teachers, principals, classmates, bus drivers, janitors, and cafeteria workers were black. Our Valedictorians and Salutatorians were black our quarterbacks were black and our homecoming queens were black and beautiful.I’m sure by now you are expecting me to start singing James Brown’s “I’m black and I’m proud. “Well I am proud when I think about how far many of us have come. Our teachers were first class but our books and many other things were second class, they were hand me downs. We learned at an early age that it was hard work and determination that would win the day. We had to operate in a lot of second class situations but we knew that we were created first class.Yes I’m going home…..and I can hardly wait to get there.