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The Odis Debolancy Dolton III Edition

By Floyd Miller



Odis Debolancy Dolton III

We have decided to dedicate this edition of the West Texas Tribune to Mr. Odis Debolancy Dolton III. This is a first for us. All of the inhabitants of our city are important whether they are alive or have passed on. Every person has worth in the eyes of God and have their own unique talents.

We write about Odis because he used his God given talents in a way that reached many people in our city.

Odis was a man of great statue physically and otherwise but he had the ability to make you feel as tall as he was. Odis was certainly a public figure but he didn’t seek publicity. Odis was a leader, many times leading from the sidelines, or somewhere in his background, he did not have to be up front. This is amazing because he could have been the face and CEO for a Profit or Non-Profit organization. Odis’ death touched a lot of people and I believe the wide spread positive comments may help all of us all as we reflect on our fellow man and continue our journey. Odis was a humble man and would probably prefer that someone else get this honor.

It is with great care and thoughtfulness that we present a series of articles honoring Odis and his family. May God’s undying love and His generous mercy be with the Dolton family.

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