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The Nutcracker 2009

By Joe Starkey



An evening of beauty, enchantment and wonder happened three times on Friday, twice on Saturday and a last hurrah for the matinee on Sunday. It was the 2009 Nutcracker put on by Abilene Ballet Theatre. I have watched little girls grow from mice and angels to Russian Dolls and Snow Queens. I have seen shy little Chinese girls grow from their first day in America to be the “Frightened Mouse”. I missed the performance where her sister was an angel but I will get to see them in new roles next year as the Nutcracker continues.{{more}}Too often only parents, grandparents and long time patrons of the arts go to shows like the Nutcracker. The rest of you miss wonderful experiences. This year the very visible Wonderful was the Black Russian, Derek Turner of Corpus Christi. He is self taught in Hip Hop dance. He taught his first choreographed routine to his 7th grade classmates inspired by early Fred Astaire movies. I have seen many really great dancers perform Russian style dances but NEVER while balanced on their head. This young man is truly amazing. The hidden wonderful was Jade Spangler as a tiny angel who only came to the US from China less than a year ago.Most of Abilene needs to get out of the comfortable spaces we occupy and go see some of the really amazing things the rest of Abilene is doing while we complain about nothing to do.

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